Durham City Juggling Festival Muni


Last night I went and rode the Muni course for the ride on Saturday that will
be part of the Durham City Juggling festival. There unfortunately is nothing
too radical within easy reach of the centre of Durham and there will be a 4
mile ride along the river bank befor we can get off into the woods and play. I
rode all the proposed routes with Duncan Castling (he ran it as he did not have
his Muni with him, and he is “one mean fell runner”). It was almost totally
dark when we entered the woods which made the ride rather interesting. Offroad
riding on a unicycle in the dark is FUN! We cover the 7 miles in about 45 mins

  • I was playing chase the Duncan most of the time. The rides on Saturday will
    consist of learner, intermediate and expert with distances and terrain varying
    with ability.


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