Durango Endurance Race

I just wanted the municyclers out there to know that we can ride in the Durango 50km division of the Durango 50k/100k/100mile MTB race this August 8th at Durango Mountain Resort. The course covers a steep few miles up the old Worlds course then rolls up Relay Creek road to singletrack which takes riders up to 11,000’ to the Graysill Mine Aid station. You’ll have to get to Graysill within 3hours, about 15miles, to do the complete course. Riders continue on singletrack on the Colorado Trail to the course high point at 11,500 and drop onto Cascade Divide 4wd road and pedalling back down to DMR. This course has a fair bit of 2track so as far as unis are concered I’m thinking 26" with a tire smaller and lighter than a 3" Gazz. If you are interested in riding, check out www.gravityplay.com, or search under Durango 100mile MTB race. If you do want to ride it might be nice to let the organizers know ahead of time that there will be more sicko’s out there than just me. Entry fee is $75 and there is cheap camping nearby. I hope to see a few of us out there. If you have more questions please email me or call the shop, 970-565-4408
Tom Miller, Dolores, CO
Kokopelli Bike and Board, Cortez, CO