Durango Coverage

I was in Durango last week and saw an great article in the Telegraph about local mountain unicyclists that was probably spawned by the unicycle participation in the Iron Horse. Two Muni riders (Eric and Stormy) were featured in a nice article–don’t know if they are active on the board. I didn’t have my unicycle with me during the trip but I did see someone ride to town on a Coker during the stay.

Looks like a uni-friendly town although I didn’t see any for sale in the bike shops. Might have to take mine on the next visit!


I was visiting there a week after the Iron Horse ride, and happened to have my Uni with me. There were lots of people asking me if I was “that guy who rode in the Iron Horse race” (AspenMike). I think Mike’s ride is going to become part of the folklore of that area.

But yeah, it’s a very friendly uni town, although most of the trails were pretty brutal for me. I tried the lower Hermosa creek trail and that was just about right for me. Also tried the Telegraph trails and that nearly killed me climbing up all those hills.

Stop in the Mountain Bike Specialists store on Main street. They have lots of pictures of the trails and were very helpful to me even though I didn’t buy anything except a $4 map.