Dunwich Dynamo - 120 mile overnight race anyone?

This race looks pretty cool, 120 miles through the dark on roads. I’m thinking of entering it even though I don’t own/know how to ride a coker (yet, got till July!)
It’s basically London to the Suffolk coast, it might even be possible to beat a couple of bikes seeing as it’s quite a leisurely type of ride.
It’d be really cool if a bunch of unicyclists did it:p
Anyone else interested?

Re: Dunwich Dynamo - 120 mile overnight race anyone?

On Thu, 9 Feb 2006, matt_t <> wrote:
> This race looks pretty cool, 120 miles through the dark on roads.

It’s not a race.

> It’d be really cool if a bunch of unicyclists did it:p
> Anyone else interested?

Some people ride back again in the morning…

regards, Ian SMith

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120 miles is a very long way, even on a Coker. The riders I know who have done 100 miles in a day chose a flatter part of the country, in daylight, and met up with a support car on occasions.

Personally I will probably do a 66 mile partially off road ride again this year around the Solent http://www.cyclingchallenge.org.uk/ the thought of riding double the distance at night is not too appealing.

If you haven’t started training yet and don’t coker, chances are you’ll probably not be fit enough to do 120 miles in July. However, if you bought a coker next week, and trained loads including commuting to work most days you could just be fit enough.

John Himsworth and I went out and did 100 miles in just under 10 hours the other week without extra training and it was a bit hard work, even given we both ride a whole lot generally, like 30-50 miles a week minimum and a fair bit more in a good week, and have both been cokering daily for a few years. We were both of the considered opinion that we’d done 100 miles and beaten 10 hours which means we don’t need to do it again. Part of me is tempted by this ride, but the sensible bit of me remembers how tiring 100 miles was. I’m tempted to enter it on a bike though, people I know who’ve done it all said it was fantastic fun.

Bear in mind you’d need a fair set of lights. I’ve got lumicycle lights with two batteries which just covers a full night of riding on a 10W, assuming some time under moonlight or sharing other people’s lights, or easily does it on a 5W. But they cost quite a lot. For a ride like this you’d need lights that you can see with, rather than just lights to be seen with. Probably the cheapest way to get this would be a 3W LED head torch, like this <Informasi Situs Toto Togel China Macau - TOTO MACAU; or something similar and a bunch of spare batteries. On road, I don’t think darkness makes much difference once you’ve got a decent riding light, in mid-summer, it’s actually a help because you don’t get too hot. Obviously you’d need to train hard at night riding to be used to it though. On our 100 miler, we road a bit in the dark because it being midwinter, there wasn’t 10 hours of daylight available. It didn’t slow us down at all.

It looks like a super-cool ride, good on them for not having a support car or anything like that, support cars are cheating for distance riding, you haven’t properly ridden 100 miles if you can only do it with a person driving the route too, you might as well have sat in the car.

I’ve done London to the coast, heading south to Shoreham by Sea, overnight and it was a fantastic thing to do, heading into Shoreham off the South Downs just as the sun rose. I got to Shoreham rather than Brighton because I wasn’t really using a map I just figured if I rode south I’d get to the sea in the end and there was sure to be a train station somewhere near.


As Ian pointed out, it’s not a race. Anyway, if you’re interested then I recommend listening to the 13 December 2004 edition of The Bike Show:
(scroll down through the archive)

Thanks for the advice Joe, that’s really helpful! You’re completely right about the training etc, I’m getting a coker at easter, and I’m a rickshaw driver in Newcastle part-time so that helps keep fit so I might still have time. I’ve done some stupid things on a bike before, but never anything like this. I know the risk of crashing and burning is high, I guess that’s what makes it interesting for me. The reason I want to do something like this is that I read about your 24hr race in Scotland and thought that it was just about the greatest thing ever, and it inspired me to try something similar (although not quite as difficult!)
I know I referred to it as a race etc, maybe I subconsciously wanted to glorify it, it’s gotta be something to do with the fact that I’d be so handicapped on a unicycle I’d probably end up treating it as a race to beat any cyclists no matter how slow they are
Anyway, it looks like it’s gonna be a solo mission, if I chicken out at any point please feel free to hurl abuse at me for being such a pansy:D

That’s poetry.

Originally Posted by joemarshall
I just figured if I rode south I’d get to the sea in the end and there was sure to be a train station somewhere near.

Mmm, that sounds familiar. I tried doing that with some friends at Christmas. We were all on bikes, mine being a random borrowed ancient touring bike with crazy inverted drop-handlebars. We eventally made it as far as East Grinstead, after two of the party had punctures and broken rear spindle repectively, and had to walk up to ten miles.

We just took compasses and tried to go south at every junction, atempting to make it from SE London to the coast and find a station.

This kind of navigation is most satisfying.