Duncan Castling

A little note form Duncan Casling, he also sent me a couple of BMP images that I
will send to Jez to see if they can go on the Mountain uni WWW page.

Sorry for the delay, here’s some news on the MUni’s and some pics in digitised
BMP format (whatever that means)

STOP PRESS MUNI METAMORPHOSIS As the scars slowly faded in the aftermath of the
North York Moors PROLARIS event some serious dialogue took place with PASHLEY
CYCLES. This has culminated in the birth of two beautifully formed 26" MUni’s.
Oh my god do they look good! and soooo fast. Lets just hope they can take the
hammering my brother Andy and I will be giving them at the Oct 95 Polaris in The
Elan Valley central Wales Oct 14-15th. Will Roger Davies and his partner show up
with their carbon fibre Munis? If they do it could be quite challenging, or are
they really just fair weather riders? Can Andy even ride a Muni following his
year out globe trotting? Is one week before the event too late to start
training? Argh what the hell even if there are no other Muni riders we will be
out to beat the stuffing out of as many MTB teams as we can. Watch this space or
read the CATCH I tend to bombard them with any noos for their Unicycle page.
'cos they like what we’re all involved in and they’re so damm mellow with it.
Regards Duncan

Roger.Davies@octacon.co.uk Cleveland UK