Dumb Stuff In The Galleries

Ok… I know I’ve posted more than is healthy today but… I was looking at the more recent gallery stuff and it seems to be a little whacked. Whats with the Chinese Disney stuff, or the gallery with the one picture of a womans back? And then theres the most recent gallery named “iche”? What does that mean? What does any of this have to do with unicycling

i PMed Gilby last night about that iche guy and his mug being plastered 26 times in the gallery.he said he would go though’em when he had time.

Dumb Stuff In The Galleries

I think that “Iche” is one of Checkernuts’ “friends” that was curious about the carpet matching the drapes.

The galleries are free. Therefore, people are going to abuse the “topic” and put in whatever they want, including the porn I just saw. That was in the album with the pretty Asian girl as the first picture.

I think it needs to pass by a human observer before going live, or at least a round of checking by an administrator at some point to clean out the junk (and block people posting it).

whew,hello kitty sure does get around.

Obviously, if there is porn there, let me know right away so I can remove it. I just deleted that album.

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