dumb question...

i know this is the stupidest question but…

i just got a bedford deluxe bc wheel and …

i want to know if the washers go on the outside of the plates or inside…

Thats sorta a dumb question, but everyone’s got 'em. I’d think inside but I’m not sure.

edit: You should call Bedford. He might still be there.


There are no stupid questions… just stupid people.

Anyway, to answer your question, I don’t know. Try calling Bedford.

I’ve seen that before!:smiley:

washers go inside of the plates

the only thing outside is the nuts

(I hacksawed off a 1/4" or so of the nut and axle, it makes it much more ankle friendly)

:smiley: Heh, actually I didn’t steal it from your signature. It’s just something I like to say when people mention that they have a stupid question, or say that was a stupid question.

It’s a good one though, neh?

souldnt there be a washer on both sides? you dont crank a bolt down on bare metal.

mine didn’t have any…and it’s fine (although yours is a valid point)

it’s nut then plate, then washer, then wheel stuff

it’s been tight and secure since I got it

Are the holes for your plates threaded?


i just got word from darren and he said washers on the outside.

i have no skin on my legs now…FEEL THE BURN

So you were riding it without having the pegs on?

outside of the plates

So are the plate holes threaded or not?

Edit: It means did you have to screw them on the axle or did they just slip on?

Double Edit: I mean anyone’s.


slide on



Here is some info regarding the Bedford BC wheels:


The Deluxe model has a huge big flat bolt
and uses sealed bearings. Different than most axles.


The platforms are not threaded on the axle like a BMX peg.

The platforms rest against the big 19mm cone nut,
then the washer goes on, then the 19mm axle nut.

Some BMX 14mm axles use 17mm nuts. I will only use 19mm axle nuts.

The washer on the outside of the platform will protect the powder coating and also help
keep the platform tight.

I’m glad to hear Brian’s standard BC wheel is keeping tight with the washer on the inside.
I have seen a picture he posted with the cut down nut. It may save his ankle but it may be harder to bunny hop or go down stairs with it shorter than stock. Most people use that nut to lift with.
I think that when you get use to the nut, it may be more of a benefit having it there.

Enjoy the ride,

I’ll have to send Joel down some stairs on it then, to see if it works :slight_smile: (although it is still quite bunnyhopp-able)

Maybe I’ll leave it on when I get my deluxe muni one :smiley:

note: the powdercoating may be scratced under the bolt (although it hasn’t come off yet, so who knows) but the rest of the plates are scraped to the metal everwhere along the edges that hit the ground, and along the bottom from grinding)