Dumb question about spacers

Hi everybody,
I was looking to get some new spacers but I have no idea what size to get. I have a nimbus 24 with kris holm moment cranks. What size do I need and how can you tell? Also are carbon spacers any good?

Do you have spacers now?("…get some new spacers …" suggests there are some old ones)
Yes + cranks seem sto be mounted solid wiht old ones = get new ones the same size (but why?)
Yes + cranks seem to be loose even when screwed on tight = get smaller ones.
No = measure the gap between crank and bearing and get spacers of appropriate size.

Carbon? :astonished: Imho you won’t notice the difference, you might be able to measure it but maybe wearing a pair of clean socks will have the same impact on overall weight. :smiley:



I have carbon spacers - they barely cost any more than the alu ones and I like the look.

As for what size you need, I could have a guess (5mm is standard and I think that works for Moments on Nimubus hubs), but best to phone up UDC and check - at least that’s what I’d do in the UK, but then more often than not you get to speak to Roger here (you could always try phoning UDC UK, but I’m sure they’re similarly competent over there).

8mm spacer for a new set of Moments. If they are warn you can go down to 6mm.