Dumb pedal question

Is there something unique about unicycle pedals, or can I buy any regular pedals and put them on my unicycle?

They’re the same as bike pedals. Just make sure you get the 9/16" thread size, not the less common 1/2" that some BMX type bikes use.

(and in case you didn’t know - the left hand side pedal, for bikes and unicycles, is left-hand threaded. So it unscrews the opposite way from the “normal” right hand threading).

Perfect, thank you Mr. Impossible.

They’re standard size for a road bike or mountain bike. Right pedal screws in clockwise, left pedal screws in anti (counter) clockwise.

Get pedals with a large platform to support the foot, and get grippy ones. I still remember the first time I put improved pedals on my cheap starter unicycle and it became a far more capable machine: easier to ride, better at climbing and descending, more pleasant all round.

Get lightweight pedals if you can, because the rotating weight of pedals, especially at high speed, can cause more steering wobble.

I personally like this general style, although the actual ones I have on most of my unis are Kris Holm branded.

Yes a few things:

  1. Good/decent unicycle pedals can take the continuous bashing. Unicycle pedal get much more punishment than on two wheelers.
  2. Good/decent unicycle pedal have plastic studs and even come with removeable aluminum studs.
  3. Good/decent unicycle pedals are low profile, which is preferred by stunt riders.

I always get fyxation pedals from unicycle.com. They can run you 20 or so bucks US$.

Thanks for the comments everyone, I got some pedals that match the above suggestions and they are fantastic!

There are no “dumb questions”. This one has given you two answers a beginner may not have thought of: that there are two thread sizes, and that the left hand pedal has a left hand thread. It has also got you some recommendations.

Thank you, I did not know that there were two thread sizes, which quite possibly saved me a lot of trouble! And the recommendations were very useful.