Dumb Mountain Bikers

Over the last few days I have been getting rude and mean comments on my Nexopia account. This is not a joke some mountain bikers can be this dumb.
“hey do you go to cop i think i hit you on my bike,” Norco 15.
Then I said “u know what? unicycling is cooler than mountain biking so just go home.”
“every mountin biker i know wants to kick the shit out of unicyclists
so why don’t you go home
until you can afford the other half of your bike,” Norco 15.
"yo sup unicycle FAGGOT! like Norco15 said, save up for the other half of your dam bike, all u cunts do is get in the way at cop…FUCK OFF!

“do u go to cop?
i think i hit u on my bike”

hahahahahahahaha" Norco 15

As you can see some mountain bikers are real dumb. Although some are anti-unicyclist others are very pleasnt to be around.

hey dude whats your nexopia account ?

shall we rouse a hackerfest?:smiley: pleeeeeeeaaaseee?

hihihi shhh I just want there accounts to give them crap you know… I really REALLY dont know any nexopia admin that isnt my freinds big brother … I really dont

and if you wanna rouse a hacker fest… ill join with you as long as you ahve a botnet on your own server with over 12 000 bots with a nice syn flood :slight_smile:

i was just thinking to DoS-ize or brute force their accounts…

haha nice but brute-force is sorta old… but nah Im a good boy I just wanna give me crap and tlak with the admins so if DanDan would be ncie enough to give me his account … :)…

yeah… well, if you have connections… use them well.

if he won’t help, i’ll DoS or brute force… just say the word… and their account names… also, i could spam the living poopie outta them witha mailbommer… if you can get the emails for me…

lol if i new how to hack i would join in. I am a mountain biker/unicyclist. I would like to get back at them with a sweet hack. tell me what happens when you hack them. i wanna see what they say

haha… hacking is sooo long and pretty painfull too when the rcmp’s get to your school and ask who got the schoolboard internet servers down… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA …wasent me

I assume this is all just harmless “venting steam” because otherwise it’s more like a confession. Happy hacking.

mostly venting… never really can do much anyways… they’re all too good for me… i just have dabbled here and there.

And we have been getting crude and obscene posts on RSU as evidenced by the remainder of your post. If you really find repeating that garbage on a family forum necessary, why not dump it in Just Conversation or, better, the Trash Receptacle where it belongs. Show some restraint or some sense; preferably both.

sorry next time it wont be there…

I think he was refering to the lack of <bleep>s on dandan’s post.

People who can actually hack/crack don’t brag about it on places like these.

Lol, good work Seager, depends if your idea of hacking is anything more than guessing someone’s secret qustion to get in to their account :slight_smile:

I totally agree with Harper.

I have been browsing these forums with my eigth year old son for a few months and have never come across language like that - even as a quote.

It doesn’t offend me personally - you should hear the language we use in the office(!) - but this is widely considered to be a FAMILY forum.

At the very least, please put a warning about the content into the title.


PS. Those MTBers do sound like an ignorant bunch of cowardly ******s!

Most mountain bikers I’ve met while unicycling have been a) curious, b) awed, c) respectful, d) devastated, e) encouraging.

I don’t think I’ve met one yet that was rude or hostile in any way.

That’s been my experience as well.