Duluth Unicycle

Lame riding, short, bad quality, enjoy:


The reason it is so short is that I got kicked out of the area by the lift bridge :slight_smile:

I would suggest taking it off of private if you would like us to see it :wink:

Set as private.


Yep, that would be good.

if the area of where your talking about is the same as i’m thinking, theres some cool spots there.

sorry bout that :slight_smile:

gah… Its nice there now. I would have loved to ride anywhere there without snow.

i got a few shots reeally similar to the one at 1:11. Like this one -

Good song choice.

What song is that?

CKY - 96 Quite Bitter Beings

yea song is good chioce

Intro was too long…editing was a bit lacking…riding was decent, just not enough of it. Loved the tune

sweet video.
what song was that?



its gonna be so sick. So much to ride, and all in like 2 days.

Do you go through and look befor you post? Try it.


You’d better film it and make a friggen video dude… you keep saying your gonna make one and you haven’t.