Duluth, MN-Jigantic Jam Red Bull Illume

Last weekend there was a Red Bull Illume sponsered event held up in Duluth, MN. It’s purpose was to get Mt. Bikers, Trials and BMX’ers to get together with some professional photographers to take some pictures to enter into the Red Bull Illume photo competition. Three of us MN unicyclists were able to make it there and we had a blast. Check out this link for pictures;
And check out this link for info on it; http://www.morcmtb.org/forums/showthread.php?t=16606
Event Name: “Duluth Jigantic Jam”

Location(s): City of Duluth MN, Spirit Mountain, Superior WI public Skate Park

When: June 9, 10 and 11.

What: A jam session incorporating Red Bull Illume Image Quest, the first ever international action sports photo competition.

Who: Freeriders, Downhillers, Trials riders, Unicyclist and BMXers…and we can’t forget Photographers.

Lodging: Come hang with us at Indian Point Campground at no cost for participants. Or find lodging at one of the many hotels surrounding Duluth.

Event details: A first of its kind event in the US, bringing together the riding and photography cultures to offer a once in a lifetime experience for both the rider and photographer, providing photographers the means to capture stunning images of riders in action in the beautiful location of Duluth, MN to submit to Red Bull Illume Image Quest Photo Competition. www.redbullillume.com

Timeline for the weekend:

Riders and photographers arrive. (Free Camping!)
Evening session at Superior’s public skate park.
Bonfire at Indian Point Campground.

Spirit Mtn Session: 9am – 1pm Shuttles will be running through out.
City Of Duluth Session: 1pm - … Hit the city streets!!!
Skate Park Session: … - 10pm Hit the park till close!
After Party : 10pm - … After party provided by Red Bull Energy Drink.
As yet undecided location…
Photo Viewing
Awards and prizes!!!

Check out of the Campground by 11am
Riding and photos as long as people want!
End of event at 4pm.

For more info please contact:
Adam Buck

Here’s one of my favorite pictures that Joe took with my camera…
I’m gonna try and upload all my pictures to the gallery when I find time…


nice. can’t wait for more pics.

That sounds sweet. Duluth has tons of street riding places. If I would have know about it, I definately would have come. We should get some people together for some sessions in Duluth again.

Minnesota is not that far from me. i live in Michigan

kewl pics though

Good to hear it went good! Wish I didn’t come down with a nasty sickness on Thursday night and could’ve gone.

Still sniffling,

  • Gilby

that was the best time ive had in a looooong time, allthough when i woke up yesterday and this morning, it felt like my legs got smashed with base ball bats, from the spirit mountain desent(it was my first muni ride ever, and i had a trials uni)

and i never thought id say this, but i actually want a redbull now, ive been craving one since sunday, i might actually buy one (shudders)

dang jamey, you got some nice photos!

those are some awesome pics. i feel sorry for that guy that fell on his head going down the stairs… like that would of cained.

Don’t feel too bad, he won a helmet for that crash.

Some more pictures can be found here: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=204094

A video can be found here: http://www.morcmtb.org/forums/showthread.php?t=17183

Thanks for the pictures and the videos, they were cool!