Duke of the Doofs Trailer

This is just a goof … upgraded my iMovie '09 to iMovie '11 and it has this “soon to be over-done” Trailer Feature…

A good deal of Unicycle clips in this…

Just drop some clips … change out your type and there ya’ go.
It makes even the mundane seem kinda exciting.
Here is my “Duke of the Doofs” Trailer.

That’s very well made! Love it! :smiley: How did you make the opening title and what music was that? Sounds very John Williams-ish! :slight_smile:

Thankee Terry!
It is a new iMovie '11 feature … it does all the titles and music. There are many choices…

Ahh! Ok, you have a mac. Is that pre installed with the new macs?

Well … Mac has a deal called iLife … you buy it every year to update certain Mac programs.
I bought my new MacBook Pro a couple of months ago. I had to update mine but iLife '11 is pretty new. Sure the '11 Macs will have it.

i have imovie 09 ion my mac. can i change to the 2011 version for free? i dont know if i have iLife

No … you have to buy the iLife '11 package for $50.
Make sure your Mac is compatible … my old iBook G4 would not update iMovie as Apple has a new Intel Core i5 processor. If your computer has the older processor it will not update iMovie.
iLife '11


Pure class.I reckon you have Hollywood a bit worried with that one Shug.


I owe it all to the iMovie '11 feature!!!

Very well done.

Thankee … I take a bow here.

Hahah love that.

Btw, I have yet to meet Aerial, I don’t go to Qc City that often and neither does she comes to Montréal I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Salut… Aerial ne se rendre à Montréal de temps à autre. Elle est toujours amoureuse qui fréquentent l’école de cirque de Québec.

Aerial does get to Montreal from time to time. She is still loving attending the circus school in Quebec City.


hahahahahaha … that was funny :slight_smile: Thanks for the laugh Shug :smiley:

You bet JohnnyReggae Mon … laughter is my calling card…
We got snow and I need to get out and do some riding.