Duel keyway

Hey guys,

What does it mean when a hub has a duel keyway? Is it good or bad?


this is a single keyway notice the one square notch a dull keyway has to of thease one on each side. i would think 2 are beter than 1 but i dont realy know if its beter

Well as far as I know, Profiles have a single keyway and quite a few people including myself are having problems with slop in the keyway.

Doesn’t it make so much more sence to simply spline the axle the whole way through? My ideal hub is an axle splined either the whole way through with spacers between the (also splined) flanges, or the axle splined through to where the flanges are with a little lip or something to keep them in place.


i think the kh/onza hub is like this. the axel can not be seprated from the hub

Thats right, the splined axle for the KH/Onza that is used for attaching the cranks also interfaces with each flange disc of the hollow centre drum, so there’s no need for a keyway. Makes the hub much lighter as well.