dudes when is there gonna be a unicycle video game?

it’d be awesome if you incorporated gear into it. In career mode you’d start off with a torker(or similar) and eventually you’d upgrade… with your original unicycle, you’d be able to explore the possibilities of all styles of riding, then your next uni would have bonuses to whatever skill branch it specialized in (i.e a MUni would get a bonus in MUni skills, and a handicap in other skills.) you’d start off in a nonlinear game city (right next to a trail-covered mountain) able to self mount and ride, and you’d learn all possible skills from there. in that sense, it’d have an rpg-like feel more than an extreme sports game feel. damn, a unicycling game could kick ass- if all styles of unicycling were used, and you could choose wich to specialize in, it’d have a nonlinearity that no other extreme sports game has. of course, for short attention spans, you’d have the head-to head trickfests and 2 minute riding sessions, but you’d use riders that you unlock in campaign mode.

sorry about the ranting

Not to be a naysayer or anything, but no matter how cool a game someone comes up with, how could it ever be as fun, rewarding, or beneficial to you as actually going out there and doing it?

Okay, It would be great if it’s a Minnesota winter and it’s -40 outside.

It would also be better than a pedal slamming you in the shin for real.

I was just never as into games that attempt to simulate physical skills. I like driving games; my favorite being Crazy Taxi.

Uniracers was pretty cool, and might be as close as we get with this sport. Not enough market to support something like a Tony Hawk sort of game.

Well said John.

We got plenty of indoor gyms to ride in.

I DONT GET IT! how does everyone know about that web page! i found it from a friend a while ago and everyone i come across seems to know about it. ugh. anyways video games- it might be fun to have a like uni fighting game when you try and push over another unicycllist while maintaining your own balance. its sure fun to do in real life!!!

Although not for on a gameboy or xbox or whatever… I like to drop this link here. I have’nt seen this one before.

It couldnt. it couldnt come close. you can’t ride every hour of the day though. sometime’s you’re tired, sick, stranded, or stuck inside due to crappy weather. it’d be cool (i guess) to have a unicycling game, but only if it was done really really really well. otherwise, why not just play Halo or Warcraft III?

i think that it is impossible to make a unicycle game. all of the unicyclists would want realistic balance, but then, you would have to pay attention to balance the whole time, and you would never get any tricks done. but, if you took balance out of the mix, you’d be stuck with an off-brand Matt Hoffman. the only way i can think of that a game could be made, is with a VR system, and then you might as well go outside and unicycle. the conclusion that i have reached is that it is foolish to even think about a unicycle game, and that all who do are wasting threadspace.

You could make balance part of the game, but make the balance envelope ridiculously huge (as if you had Kris Holm’s balance) and give some autocorrections to help out the player. Then the player has control over the balance of the unicycle, but they don’t have to concentrate on it.

Every mountain or trials biker I know has heard of Kris Holm one way or another. Mostly in some mountain biking videos.

There already is a unicycling games. It’s for super nintendo, it’s called uni racer. It’s pretty fun, you race but you have to hop over obstacles and other things. To go faster you have to do some tricks. It’s a pretty awesome games. I got addicted to it a while ago.

Dang! Super_evill beat me to it. Yeah, Uniracers! Great game. I own it! I attached a screen shot. It’s an SNES game. VERY addictive game play.

Though I do admit that it’s completely unrealistic and the designers probably never rode a unicycle (or even SAW a unicycle!). It’s really fun though. Try it. (I bet you could get a rom and an emulator if you’re really cheap! :wink: )


Try this link instead to see the pictures:


heres another online game with unicycling Linkage

Have you checked this ?


I didn’t realise The Rock could unicycle :wink:

i think if there ever were a uni video game it would be best if it were based off of street riding because this has the widest array of tricks and would appeal the most to the non unicycling masses. That’s not to say there would be no trials or muni you could work that in some how

Actually I think freestyle has the widest array of tricks, go check out the standard skills list. But street would probably make for a more interesting game as freestyle is pretty much just done on flatland.

With street you could grind the handrail of a 5 stair, 10 stair or if you’re like Dan Heaton: 22 stair. You could also rolling hop these, but that wouldn’t take much skill in terms of game controls… unless you have to judge whether you can make it, and if it’s too big your uni breaks.

As an interesting bit of trivia, Uniracers was done by DMA Design. They did the original Lemmings series, but are most well known for the Grand Theft Auto series.

Back on topic–I’ve messed around with a physics-based abstraction of unicycling as the core of a game mechanic. I haven’t produced anything that’s much fun, so far, but if I do I’ll post it here.