dudes when is there gonna be a unicycle video game?

ive just been wondering latley

whens there gonna a be a unicyling video game man???

I’m thinking of starting a unicycling mod for HL2 when it comes out. Sort of combining two of my big hobbies (uni and game design). HL2 is supposed to have an advanced physics and graphics engine and be (relatively) easy to mod. Its really more of a speculation right now since I dunno if I’ll have the time to do it, or if I could get together a decent team of people who code/3D model/level design/etc, AND are interested in unicycling.

Re: dudes when is there gonna be a unicycle video game?

Yeah i’ve been thinking the same thing - I mean there’s Tony Hawk pro skater and Matt Hoffman BMX etc, when will Kris Holm unicycling come out?

I personally don’t want a video game to come out. The skateboarding and biking games are really, really lame, and so a unicycling game would be totally unrealistic. And lame.

And I would probably spend time inside, playing it, instead of actually unicycling.

i dont mean to argue but the skateboarding games by tony hawk specifically are rated the best sports video games each year.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game won three Blockbuster
Awards for Favorite PlayStation, Dreamcast and GameBoy Game. I dont think the issue is in the “lameness” of the sport, but rather the difficulty in programming it and the small population of unicyclists. I assume it would be rather difficult to control balance in 4 directions while doing tricks. I just don’t see any easy way of simulating it. Also, everyone’s heard of a kickflip and an ollie. But how many people are going to have heard of unispins?


Everyone’s always saying it’s going to be Kris Holm Unicycling, why not Dan Heaton Unicycling. He seems to have a more active role in that sort of thing making Universe 1 and 2.

Most popular doesn’t necessarily mean best! I quite like Tony Hawk games, who cares if they unrealistic or whatever? That’s why they’re games!

A decent unicycling game would be cool, but would it cover just trials/street or muni, freestyle and races etc etc? In trials it would just be <jump… balance… jump…> which is great to actually do on a uni, but it can’t really compare to how hard it is and isn’t as visually exiting to people.

Anybody got a GP32? My friend has one and can put just about any form of media onto it, tho it is more for games. It’ll take ROMs and emulators so, I figure you could program games for it with the right software.

heh, thats crazy. How is it going to play? ride around on a uni while popin’ some aliens? Or is it a total conversion with entirely different gameplay?

The reason why everyone is wanting to call it kris holm pro unicyclist, is because he is the most widely recognized unicyclist, Sure Dan Heaton is pretty damn good and made universe 1 and 2, but besides unicyclists and his friends and family no one has really heard of Dan Heaton.

How about a muni time trial type game? You have to ride around an outdoor track in a certain time and beat your record for highest trick score, etc. It might not be realistic in how hard it is to actually do those things, but neither are skateboarding simulators for that matter. :wink:

Total conversion of course. The biggest question is whether the player should have to have some control in balance or whether it should be totally taken care of by the game.

There is already a unicycling game out there called Uniracer. It is a SNES game and is apparently quite good. I’ve never played it myself but a friend of mine says it is great.

Its a side scroller where you race around on a unicycle doing tricks like hops, twists and flips to avoid obstacles.

I’m sure that it can be found for an emulator somewhere.


There aren’t any riders in uniracer. They do some tricks that can be done with a unicycle, you know, idling… unispins… but the unicycle is not a significant part of the game. You could switch out the unicycles for badgers, and the game would be the same.

You could have a few different games in this speculative “KH pro unicyclist”
Racing- alternate hitting buttons to pedal, have some control over balance

Muni- have difficult courses including hops, drops, and obstacles. Have it be hard to land a drop (ex. Jump off a roof, destroy a crank ala Dylan Wallinger)

trials, freestyle… so on. I think it would be nice. Plus, include videos of the pros (including Dan Heaton).

Yeah I know he’s the most widely recognised, but people that don’t uni still prolly don’t know his name. They just know him as ‘that unicyclist’ that was on the discovery channel.

What I’m saying is Dan Heaton to me seems like so far he’s more the sort of person that would have a chance of getting it started.

Anyway, the styles that would be best for a game would be street and freestyle as they are the only ones with a large range ‘tricks’. As OWS pointed out earlier trials would just be <jump… balance… jump…> which most likely wouldn’t make the best game.

You’d be surprised how many people know his name. But i hear what youre saying about Dan Heaton.

I thought of a new game today. It would be kinda like tetris but you would see how many unicycles you could fit in the trunk of a car. :smiley:

Worse yet, into a hatchback.

I can see this as a real-life event at NAUCC next year. One man- 45 unicycles- one primer-painted 2-door Ford Aspire. Cash prizes to be awarded

I’ve been trying to make a 2d uni game with python for about 6 months now. I kept getting delayed. I lost my comp for 2 months, but now im back on track. Once i get home from vacation i’ll start making the game again

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that…

since we’re talking about badgers now…