Ducttapes Callout response

Most of you will have forgotten, however ducctape called me out a few months ago (I bumped the thread) and i’ve now finally got the video done. The video is also a marker of a year of riding, though not hard riding.

I did try to edit it effectively, however I am not a pro and in the end for me, it’s not all about how good the video looks, it’s the content and the fun we have riding.

Hope you like it.

Youtube - dogdy quality

it’s good, not the best vid to be a reply to a call out but still an enjoyable video. Im liking the top gear theme tune :smiley:

great video
nice music
and great riding:D
are you making a video with your 3 wheel giraffe:)

“silly, silly, silly boy”

that part was funny

i liked the gliding to

Good job! But why did you disable comments on your [youtube] video?

Um… did I?

If I did, it was not intentional. I’ll change that now…

Edit: they were enabled anyway :stuck_out_tongue: (I think it’s because youtube are ‘‘performing site maintenance’’)

Good vid. Looks like you had fun making it! Can’t wait to meet you guys at Southend!


That was great. Very entertaining. I liked the slip out on the sheet of plywood

This was humorous but James where are half of these places :thinking:


I would just like to say how it was expedient for everyone making scott A.K.A “silly sill boy” to do what he did

A lot of it (where it was kieron and scott riding) was in rowhedge, which is near colchester, and the rest was incolchester.

[At the start] This is not just a unicycle, this is a china made, alloy unicycle. This is not just unicycling, this is M and S unicycling. :stuck_out_tongue:

oooo well i like this thread about the callout vid, there all good comments, on the other thread they is dissin ourrr asssses. lol. :astonished: :slight_smile:

Yeh I know, because apparently people wanted it to be just me riding… but I feel like it’s unfair if I go out riding with other people and then make a video of me :stuck_out_tongue: . Ah nvm lol, it’s the experience that counts :wink:

And Madison, you need to learn to glide now :roll_eyes:

No we asumed it was just going to be you riding. Man for my callout I should have got Ryan A and Shaun J down, that would have made an awesome video.