duct tape seat

how do you make them and is it possible to incorperate bubble wrap into it (a cheap ass air saddle)

I’m pretty sure this has been discussed before. If memory serves, bubble wrap isn’t good for air seats. The little bubbles pop, and then all you’re left with is a sheet of flat plastic.

As for the duct tape, If I was gonna do it, I’d just go for it… You know, wrap up the saddle! There isn’t anything duct tape can’t fix :stuck_out_tongue:

You might wanna hit the search feature for more specifics :wink:

how would one go about doing this anyways

james did it and said it was relatively comfortable.

I tried the bubble p-aper solution once, and it worked out fine. I had to replace the bubble paper after a while, but it is a good middle of the way situation, solutio n. it was much better than the seat i had on my unicycle, which was a thin foam, so the bubble paper was useful.
another good solution is to take a tire tube and put some air in in and put it under the vinil seat covering

I just duct taped a folded up tire tube once to my seat once to make a ghetto air seat. It was dead easy to make and pretty comfortable.

i was thinking bubble wrap for the water proofing qualitys as well as the comfort
annoningly dad wont let me duct tape my seat

There is a fairly short thread here, from not too long ago.