Duct tape glidecam

Authough I dont like when people create so many posts for “New Videos” they make I shall post this one just because of the “Kiwi ingenuity” used in the filming process. If I posted a new thread on here every time I made a video it would only add to all the spam on RSU.

Anyways the video is here: http://tinyurl.com/paubp and contains a link if you want to download it direct from unicyclist.com gallery (yes you can download wow)

Its not actually the final edit of the video but I dont know if I will ever get around to uploading that one…
The duct tape glidecam will become an essential part of future MUNI shoots that I make, and seeing as I take my camera on just about every muni ride possible it means that the duct tape glidecam can only improve…

You will hopefully notice that some of the footage is really smooth and does not have the jitter which you would expect from a hand held dv camera, as we used the duct tape glidecam to stabilise the shots whilst I ran behind/in front/beside the rider I was filming.

Now what is the duct tape glidecam you may ask?
Simple… You will notice that in one of the early shots I had attempted to ride with the camera under me (you can see my legs up and down as I follow Tony through the bush), this was achieved by attatching the camera to the frame of my freeride muni with duct tape…
We later discovered that the muni could be used as a camera stabiliser in the same fashion: By attatching it with ducttape :smiley:
In any case I hope to furthur evolve the stabiliser but building a simple mount for it so we can use less duct tape :stuck_out_tongue:


wow, that is really good. can you post a pick of the camera attached to the frame. it works really well.

If i get around to building a mounting bracket for it then i will, not sure if its worth uploading an image of a camera duct taped to a kh frame tho :smiley:


This is the revised edit of the video. Not much different but slight improvments that i couldnt go without



the old link will no longer work

video threads arn’t spam there good, so thank you for contributing to a list of very good threads, also the video was pretty sweet I like watching Muni videos. great riding

I still don’t understand the duct tape cam thingy. Great riding though.

Take your digital video camera, open its viewing screen and then balance it precariously so it is sitting on the crown of your KH frame (the lense should be pointing forwards, shooting in the same direction you look when riding).

Secure your camera to the frame by wrapping lots of duct tape around it and the frame (try to avoid obscuring lense and record button etc).

Now give your arm an incredibly good work out by running behind riders holding your 8kg jury rigged glide cam. I think muzzle mostly held it by gripping the seat post, just under the saddle.

ahh. I see. well if it works well, I guess it’s worth it.

I’m sorry you feel that way about posting videos! I thought that’s a big part of what this forum is al about! I for one, LOVE to see new videos posted as much as people want…the more the better! It’s entertaining AND very instructive and helpful to me in learning new stuff. :slight_smile: I hope this won’t discourage others from posting their vids…MORE MORE!

That was probably the best Muni video ive ever seen…It was such a great depiction of Muni riding. I loved it.

Thanks, its pretty much some of our favorite lines at the moment at woodhill, tho I love the crazy train structure on Big Mumma because I am the only person to have successfully rode the entire length of it on a unicycle (and now am preparing for another attempt on the “high side” which is where it splits off to the right hand side and drops away to an 8ft+ drop. wicked

You should just start a Muzzle Movie Thread. So whenever you make a new movie post it in there, keeping to to one thread AND letting everyone see your movies, how clever am I :stuck_out_tongue: