Garry.Myles@mcl.co.uk (Myles, Garry) wrote:
>“Fancy swapping?” I shouted. Everybody, including motor-cycle ace and his girl
>just looked at me and the (yep, you guessed it) UniCycle I was holding and
>burst into fits of laughter.

>I’m sure he was really tempted to swap his 1100cc/150mph machine for my sleek,
>black, one-wheeled wonder. I still believe to this day that if there had been
>room for both he and his girlfriend on the UniCycle then he would have thrown
>me the keys to his bike and set off up the motorway on my UniCycle.

Keep the unicycle, Garry. Motorcycles, especially crotch-rockets like that
Ducatti, are too dangerous. Besides, anybody can ride one!

John Foss, former motorcycle instructor unicycle@aol.com