Dublin Circus Festival (Formally DJC) Event Details

Just posting incase anyone is in Dublin at this time. There should be no need to take equipment. They will be able to supply use of props including giraffe unicycles, unicycles (not sure what make) and maybe even a few 36ers. This information is from an e-mail i sent to find out about their unicycle situation. I think a slack line may also have been mentioned in the reply but this could just be me imagining things again :thinking:

Taken from www.emeraldcircus.com

Friday 6th March, 8pm
Slatterys bar on caple street (across from the martial arts shop on the corner)

Juggling Hall:

Sat 7th, 10am - Sun 8th , 5pm (24 hour hall)
Blackrock Scout Hall, Blackrock, South Co. Dublin

Tickets are €20 for the whole weekend and €5 for just the renegade, if you buy a renegade ticket it can be upgraded to a full weekend one if you wish to attend the whole event.


Proberly a waste of time but as its comming up this weekend, heres more info if anyone is in Dublin and wants to pop along. The information below is random bbits i have been supplied with. More info at www.emeraldcircus.com.

You are perfectly welcome to try and sleep in the hall! In fact, I encourage it, we’ve paid for a 48 hour hall so why not save a few bob I know I’ll be staying personally. I will however be a little bit strict about people coming back to the hall to sleep on Friday night, as if there’s noise in the area after 11, then we will all get kicked out.

Saturday night will indeed be a free for all in the hall. I’ve been discussing with people the idea of having a sober open show, but after the renegade on friday night people probably wouldn’t be too interested. We may also do some fire either on the grounds or down by the beach, weather permitting.

In regards to fire, I need to look into a few things, read through our insurance policy and contact the guards if we’re doing it on the beach, but there shouldn’t be any problems.

Anyone wishing to give a workshop is more than welcome to. Off the top of my head, there will be a few 5 ball jugglers there so quite likely there’ll be a workshop on that. Hopefully a lot of unicycling too, and maybe even a rola bola workshop. If someone with a big enough vehicle is willing to transport it we may even get to have a walking globe there.

I would be interested in flash mobbing, except that it involves traveling into and then out of town Fun stuff though so maybe we’ll go for it

This is looking like it’ll be an amazing event

Here’s the Programme:
Friday Night:
Drop off things in the hall from 6pm onwards for anyone who wants to.
Renegade on in Slatterys on Capel St. from about 8 onwards.
anyone wishing to return to the hall on Friday night needs to let me know and needs to be very, very quiet.

Juggling begins around 10am
Workshops from 12 - 5pm
Juggling til late

Juggling begins at 10am
Games and fun from 12 - 4pm
Pack up and leave 4pm - 6pm.

There’s a very small car park there so if you’re driving maybe give me a call and I’ll let you know if there’s space left or if you should try and find a space nearby. Also, if anyone is driving and wants to make the Festival even more awesome then it will inevitably be, you might like to bring equipment from DCU to the hall so we have more toys to play with, anyone interested let me know.

By the By, i am not an organiser. Im just suppling the unicyclist community with the info if they are interested.