Dube unicyles versus Torker,Sun,etc..

Hello, I would like an opinion of the Dube unicycle 24"@$125 as compared to Toker, Sun and any other introductory unicycles.

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t seen the Dube ones in person. They use decent bearing holders (not the lolipops) and are made in China. I think most of the unicycles we know are from Taiwan, but that may have changed. This does not mean anything definite, just that the Chinese origin could be an unknown. I would say they are lesser than or equal to a low-end Torker, and recommend the Torker.

I also noticed that the “View Demo” link takes you to two video clips of jugglers riding unicycles that aren’t those. :slight_smile:

Anybody got any close contact with the current Dube unicycles? They have carried various brands over the years, starting with Miyata, which were the highest-end unicycles you could get in the 80s. Sad to see them going the cheap route, but I’m sure that’s because they are for juggling specialists, and now there are good places to go if you’re a unicycle specialist.