Dually boots

The soles of my Vans skate shoes are wearing out from gliding, so I’m about to be in the marking for some new MUni shoes. I’ve heard several people recommend AXO or 661 Dually boots, but I’d like to hear a comparison between them and skate shoes.

I used to use hiking boots with heals, but after switching to skate shoes, I would never go back. I find that skate shoes grip the pedals much better than boots with heals. But, my ankles seem sort of vulnerable with my low top Vans.

Grip wise, how do Duallys compare to a skate shoe? I think I read once that if your soles are to stiff, you loose grip (might have been Kris that said that).

I’m sort of nervous getting $80 shoes with the amount of gliding I do (and with the KH MUni I’m getting tomorrow, I’ll certainly be gliding on MUni rides).

Any advise?


Vans with the off-the-wall style sole grip pedals the best. Vans are good for muni riding. The Vans grip the pedals better than the Axo/661 Dually. But the Dually has a better, more durable upper than the Vans.

Vans Off-The-Wall style sole comes in three levels of stiffness; too soft, just right, and too stiff. If you can bend the shoe in half they are too soft, if you can’t bend the shoe at all they are too stiff. The rest are just right.

The Vans VMX Flat is too stiff. It is designed for BMX racing and has a stiffener plate in the sole. They are too stiff for muni. You need some flex in the sole to help grip the pedal. But I find the VMX to be good on the Coker.

I hunt the shoe stores looking for Vans on sale. Dans Comp occasionally has Vans on sale too. I recently found the Vans Minaret on sale for less than $30 a pair. They have the sole I like, but the upper is not designed for off-road riding. They’ll do, but are not the ideal muni shoe.

For ankle protection you can use the Axo/661 Ankle Biters. They protect your ankles from getting bashed by the cranks, but will not help prevent sprained or twisted ankles. The other option is the Active Ankle braces sold by Unicycle.com.

The Dually is a good shoe but I find the sole to be a little too soft. If I do a 3 foot drop I can really feel the pedals under my feet. Because of the softness I have added Dr. Scholls sports insoles that have a plastic arch support. The plastic arch support stiffens the sole a bit under the pedal and makes it more comfortable to do drops without hurting the feet. The Dually does not grip the pedal as well as the Vans. I slip off the pedals more often with the Dually than I do with the Vans. Usually with the Dually I slip off the side of the pedal, but I slip off the front sometimes too. With the Vans it is as if I’m glued to the pedals.

I really wish Vans would make a dual slalom or freeride shoe. They have a good sole. They just need to match it up with a good durable upper designed for off road use.

If you’re going to be gliding a lot I’d start looking around for Vans on sale.