Dual Slalom Trials or Trials-Cross

Wouldn’t this be fun…

A trials event where there were 2, 3, or 4 side by side identical lines.

the goal would be to cross the finish line of your trials line (picture how long Dual Slalom courses, or Boarder Cross events are) there would have to be some length involved in the lines, with many stunts in the course.

Like the Hurdle event I mentioned before, I believe each stunt would need to be something that was designed with less difficutly and more fluidity in mind.

Racers would trials their way to the finish line as fast as they could with normal trials rules in place, no dabs, etc…

I would think that adding ‘group obsatcles’ every now and again (something like a sandwich board, or step ups/downs that went the length (across) of all 4 riders’ lines…allowing for some possible body/uni contact between competitors)

This event could also include elements of Rolling trials to maintain the flow and speed of the event, there could be areas between the trials obstacles that are like the lines at Ray’s Indoor MTB park, manmade Northshore kind of lines.

A race like this would involve lots of lumber, etc, but I think it would be great fun (especially to watch)

That would be so much fun to do…If i was alot better im sure i would compete:D.

Excellent idea though.

They did a competition of this type at the Danish Muni & Trials Convention last year. Its in the Koxx video from the event I believe.


that sounds like it would be so sick.
i would love to see that done

i have a dream like tht a few weeks ago…i like the idea. come to arizona and build one here :roll_eyes: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

A round trip executive class ticket to Arizona is $2800, how will you be paying for this?

Brian, you keep coming up with great comp. ideas, but you never mention when or where your mondo unicycle round-up and beat-down is being held? Seriously, this sounds like the first event that I’d actually get on a plane and fly out for… you got any plans or is that someone else’s job?

that actually sounds like a good idear, I’ll keep you posted!

This could be an awesome type of trials. Building it would be a bit of a job though. You would want to measure all the distances for constincistancy (sp?). Also, if you touch the ground you should have a time fault of so many seconds.

pfft. executive class my butt. ill come pick you up on my unicycle and feed you cookies and a soda of your choice. that executive enough?:wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes:

you know it!

This seems to be a recuring theme in a couple Koxx videos, they even raced some bikers in them. I would love to do it, it would really be a cool thing to watch aswell and I think would suit seat in riding much better than traditional trials lines.