Dual hole 137/165 KH moment cranks

Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here and I’m clearing out some parts I no longer need.

These cranks are used but functional. They’re not the in the prettiest shape, but should work for making your wheel go ;). I’m asking $20 before shipping. If that’s a crazy price feel free to tell me- I could use the cash but can never stand when people ask unreasonable amounts for their stuff. You pay shipping (shouldn’t be more than $10 I wouldn’t think.)

Also up for sale is a very early style 6-spline Kris Holm Hub and crankset. I can take any measurements you’d like off of it, but know that finding another length of cranks for this hub is very difficult , which is why I took it out in the first place.


P.M. Sent !

cranks have been sold. Thanks Lobbybopster!