Dual hole 125/150 square taper (cotterless) cranks

Perfect for taking your penny farthing off-road :monkey_face:

I have cycled a very light section along the river. I don’t think I would want to push it much more than that. I don’t think “menny” (mountain “penny”) is going to be a big thing. :rofl:

P.S. I just realised UDC is using my picture of two sets of these cranks, above in this thread (which I am perfectly fine with to be 100% clear but now I wish I used a higher quality camera). :wink:

This means our server was down for a bit. It should be up now. Out of interest… we are getting a new superfast server built that should deal with this problems. It should be up and running in about a months time.


Oh, sorry. I would have asked if we could use it, I had thought it was Pelle’s. We needed an image before the cranks arrived with us. We will get that sorted on next photo session.

I honestly do not mind. The only sad thing is that I took them with a 2MP camera, so they are not the highest quality images. :wink:

Thanks for stocking these @rogeratunicycledotcom. Now granted I am unlikely to buy more, given I have 3 sets already but I think it’s really nice that they are available for others. They make a useful little upgrade for the UDC 36" Trainer, which is where I have made best use of the dual-hole functionality.


I had not considered what a complete and utter idiot I am when I made this statement. At some point I have obviously made the rookie mistake (again†) of mounting my wheel backwards. Whilst out today I noticed that the pedal was wobbling. I stopped and had a look and it was largely unwound. Since I did not have tools on me I had to give up and walk home. Once there I discovered the thread in one crank (on the 125mm position) is largely stripped. There is a little bit left, and the crank will hold (for now) but I suspect I should probably get a new set.

† So yeah, 6 months ago I did pretty much the exact same thing to my VCX+ cranks. Again, there is a little thread (in the 100mm position) and I have been using them but I should probably replace these as well. :disappointed:

Well I went for a ride and they held fine but I have ordered more anyway (and another set of VCX+ ISIS for another uni). @rogeratunicycledotcom gets rewarded for my stupidity. :wink: Oh well anything to keep UDC going in these times of low stock! :laughing:

Just a silly question, but are ISIS cranks not the new Cotterless cranks? I mean aren’t ISIS cranks/hub connection not more durable? All my unis apart from the 24" have isis cranks and they are easily replaced with the crank lifter. I don’t expect to change the cranks on the 24", so can’t say anything about how easy that would be. Prolly needs a diff tool.

Well they do not have a cotterpin if that is what you mean! :laughing:

Yes but I own two unicycles that are square taper and I whilst I couldn’t use them for big drops and lots of hoping they still work just fine. No plans to replace the 24" that these SHW cranks were mounted to. Indeed a new ISIS 24 uni would cost more than a new set of cranks.

(To be honest, I actually already have several square taper cranks in this size, see my earlier image (also linked below) but I like these particular ones. They are light and also making switching to 150 length super simple. I can even do it when I am out within a couple of minutes).

You can use the same crank pulling tool. You have to flip the end of it but other than that it works the same way.

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That’s one of the main reasons almost every unicycle I own has a disc brake… :wink: It helps a lot, especially for someone like me who can’t tell left and right apart.

Admittedly, living in a place where it’s almost impossible not to ride up or downhill is also among the reasons…

It is not without hills here and I tend to aim for them. Strava tells me that so far this year I have done 39,461m of elevation gain. :wink:

Hehe, that’s about 10’000 more than me, including bicycle rides. On the uni I try to avoid hills to save me from more knee pain and the mountain bike season just starts.

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Years ago when I recorded the elevation gain on my daily commute with my fatb*ke, my aim was to reach the height of the seven summits (sum of the highest mountain on every continent)

4884 m Carstenz-Pyramide (Australien)
4892 m Mount Vinson (Antarctica)
5642 m Elbrus (Europe)
5895 m Kibo (Africa)
6190 m Denali (Northamerica)
6962 m Aconcagua (Southamerica)
8848 m Mount Everest (Asia)

43.313 m


Some of that was done on a penny farthing and some on a non-electric kick scooter but the vast majority on unicycles.

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Ok, parts day

Some other stuff in there as well:

  • VCX+ 100/125/150 triple-holed ISIS cranks
  • SHW 125/150 dual-holed square taper cranks
  • Bearings for unicycle with square taper hub
  • Bearings for unicycle with ISIS hub
  • UDC T-shirt with Nimbus, Impact, Kris Holm and Qu-ax branding on the back
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Wow @ruari nice package to arrive! Thanks for sharing.

Have a great time with all these goodies!


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