Dual Density Saddle

Just how many of you have the new dual density KH seat? How does it compare to the KH gel or standard saddle? From the little ive read it seemes to be better for sif and much more comfortable.

Hmmm… I actually don’t remember which saddle I have, probably the older one though…

Is there a 3rd type? I thought there was just the standard/fusion, and the gel seat.

Just two days ago when riding with my friend we noticed that our saddles have an extreme difference in “cushiness”. We both ordered KH 20" from unicycle.com through the same shop about two months apart but I’m wondering if mine has the double density seat that you speak of. My friend’s is way squishier…but I definitely prefer mine.

Yes, there third type and it is actually just the evolution of the kh fusion, Kris posted on this other thread referring to it '06 KHs

On the page before that, kctheacy posted a couple pictures of his dual density saddle.

when I get my new kh24 I’ll be able to give you a definite difference between the two, as I’ve ridden the old extensively.

You’ll have to wait a month though :slight_smile: