Dual brake levers

You can look for younger bike components like: https://kidsracing.co.uk/collections/short-cranksets-kids-cranks-lengths-narrow-q-factors
For the rotor attached directly to the spider I bought exactly the Muni pre-KH version. It seems to me that Yogi sold it to me. However I still own one if you are located in Europe

The rotor attached to a square taper crank spider

With a trouble free mechanical brake something like this could be done relatively easily.

Did you experience any difference from a Mec.DB vs a HDB?

I’ve never used a HDB (hydraulic disk brake) but this brake seems to work very well. The cable is very short and has very little bend in it with nearly a straight shot from the handle to the brake. I suppose there would be more of an advantage with HDB’s when the cable/hydraulic line had to be longer with more bends. Details at: https://pbase.com/jimthode/brake

Shimano just introduced a gravel bike groupset, which mostly seems silly to me, but it includes an optional in-line hydraulic brake lever so you can put an extra brake lever on your bar tops, to go with the normal drop bar position.

If these are a vaguely reasonable price when they’re released then I’ll probably get myself one to try for the freewheel (with bars).
I wonder whether the main lever is designed differently to facilitate this secondary lever or if it’ll be compatible as an addition to other setups. I feel like the auto-adjusting on the main lever would probably cause issues.
The model is the BL-RX812.
They do also look quite small:

It says it maintains compatability with their road and MTB groupsets, so I guess you could put an MTB lever on the end rather than an STI lever (which might be a bit too long/awkwardly angled for a uni)

Interesting though!

EDIT: My CX bike has these extra inline levers, not hydraulic but the levers are indeed very small compared to the STI’s on the hoods.

“The new RX812 inline levers are compatible with other older Shimano hydraulic drop bar levers, but aren’t expected to arrive until September.”

I presume older drop-bar levers also auto-adjust, but I still can’t quite work this out.

Size wise, I’ve run two finger levers for ages, normally just using one finger, so they might be OK.

New to the forum. I’ve been riding since lockdowns.

I ride road (bike paths really) and XC, and I really wish I could brake from both the handlebar and the seat handle. Does any one have success with an in-line dual brake-lever setup? I’m looking into experimenting with an in-line setup using mechanical disc brakes (see attached diagram). In terms of braking modulation, it will be a downgrade from hydraulics, but that may be an acceptable compromise if I can brake from multiple positions.

Other less elegant solutions include extra long spooners and just having two independent outboard/inboard braking systems, both of which I’m not too keen on trying.

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You can also do it with hydraulic brakes:

I’m still using this setup without any issues.