Dry-fit Lifestyles shirt for 24 Hr race

OK - so here’s a shirt I’m going to get for the race. If more folks want them I can get a slightly better price for everyone. If the Canadian team wants them, I can make that version, too.

They’re wicking material and they’re $31.45 base price, and around $30 even if we get between 2 and 11 of them.


Here’s a pic of the front:

Here’s a pic of the back:


I know me and my bro are in for team canada ones! (and I can’t se Tim saying no)

edit: i’ll even take two for myself

I’m still learning how to use the zazzle.com website and yadda, yadda, yadda…Well, now the above link is dead.

Here’s the Team USA shirt link.
Here’s the Team Canada shirt link.

Team USA’ers let me know how many you want (if any) and I’ll buy them together so we get the bulk discount. Brian - I suggest all Team Canada’ers do the same through one of you guys - order as a group to save 5%.

The back design is as above…
Here’s how both fronts look:

oh i see how that works…

tim, vince, owen…do you guys want shirts?

After a PM from one of Team USA, I realize I may have made this shirt sound like it was a team requirement. Please don’t think that!

I just wanted my own commemorative uni-shirt of the event, and thought others might, too. We certainly won’t need these shirts to identify our own teammates or anything! Please don’t feel you need to buy them!

That said, who wants one? I’m going to order some today or tomorrow.

ok yeah, I’ll take one medium silver (team Canada of course).

So, captain Red Beard, do you take care of the order?