Drum Case

Has anyone ever used a bass drum case to check a unicycle wheel on an airplane?

it sounds reasonable, if you dont want to take it apart, but taking the wheel off isnt too hard

i used a guitar case once…ot was easy…they checked it as a carry on and all the guy at security said was"cool"

is that in an acoustic guitar case? and are we talking 20" wheel here?

Interesting idea, I just bought myself a set of drum cases too.


plus what bout cranks?.. did they fit

Re: Drum Case

If you need custom built cases (or guitar cases) check out Triple-A
Flight Cases at http://www.flight-cases.net

maybe i wasnt totally explanitory. it was a big acoustic guitar case for a juggernaut(REALLY BIG GUITAR) it was a 20" wheel and the cranks just fit in…i had to take off the pedals and seat. thats all.

SWEET! i was just wondering how i could take my unicycle to mexico this summer… and. a guitar case… AWSOME IDEA! woo! thanks

For a single unicycle I still stand by my method which John Foss dubbed “the naked unicycle” technique.

I just take the uni (fully assembled) through the airport to the gate where they check it at the gate. In the SLC and Boston airports I’ve even ridden through the airport. Though I got some strange looks from some, no airport “officials” had a problem with it (well only a little problem but that’s another story).


So you checked it? Not cary on? Has ever one ever done the naked unicycle method for cary on?