Drops help!

hello all i know this is probably posted somewhere but i cant find it anyway heres my problem any drop over 4foot i try hurts and i end up with a stinging pain in my chest stomach or i get winded and i cant breather for a few seconds
it is really deterring for my unicycling i would attempt higher drops but i am scared of being winded does anyone else have this problem or is there a way to overcome it? even landing on grass i get winded even with the tyre at say 25 psi its so friggin annoying

Jump down from big obstecales without unicycle.

After that it’s going to feelslike it is pretty low! :slight_smile:

You could drop SIF (seat in front) then you can drop your whole body nearly onto the tyre so slow your deceleration, but keep the seat pointed away, or it could smack you in the chin.

You could also do it Seat in and when you land fling you’re upper body forwards and down to absorb some of the impact

I dont have the same problem as you but when i jumped off my garden table :roll_eyes: there were a few things to remember: Dont start leaning forwards as if your eager to go like i did a few times cause thats when the tire hits the ground and bounces you off:D Try to stop ontop of the uni if not maybe a tiny bit back and if your doing SI stand up on pedals and when you land sort of push down.
Teh problem i had when i tried jumping off the table SIF is when i landed all my body banged down to try and absorb the impact but my ankle sorta stayed the same and my whole body crunched my ankle which really hurt(I only tried this once so it might be a one off thing but am i doing something wrong?)

Try standing up more so that your behind is off the seat and your weight is on your pedals.

yea… thanks for all the help when i land im standing above my uni and my full weightonthe pedals but it still huts

you might just have to do a lot and try to get use to it :wink:

Maybe let some air out of your tire so there’s more suspension?

Try rolling out from the drop. As soon as you hit the ground roll forward and it will transfer the force of the drop.

The problem might also be mental. Maybe it’s because your afraid of the drop that your chest and stomach locks up. Sometimes I hurt my achilles tendon when I go off a large drop. But that usually just means I’m leaning my foot too far back. My advice maybe is to just go off a lot of three foot drops and maybe get really comfortable at that. Maybe then it won’t hurt when you go off larger drops. It could be a medical problem too, but I doubt it :D. Good luck!