Drops, falls, and affecting your ability to have chlidren...

I know the issue of unicycling in general affecting your ability to have children has been discussed many times and I don’t plan to discuss that anymore. My question is how many of you have landed on your ‘equipment’, and how long have you been unicycling for?

After almost two years of unicycling I personally haven’t ever done it and I don’t think there’s much chance of it happening. I’m confident that I will always land with at least one foot on one of the pedals and with enough pressure that the unicycle will simply slip out from under me. For me, there seems to be much more of a risk of twisting ankles, etc.

I’ve always been amazed at how many of my unicycling friends have injured themselves this way.


I’ve been unicycling for about 3 months now and I’ve done it twice. Although I did it twice in about the first month and havn’t done it since, so I’m pretty confident it won’t happen much from now on, I’m a much better rider now. Banged my shins with pedals plenty of times, though it’s happening less now. I hope that’s the case 'cause today I got my metal pedals!

I have pinched them when learning to freemount, and experienced numbness after riding for a couple of miles. Nothing real serious though. Then again, I haven’t launched myself 20 feet through the air to land on my uni either.

My first good pinch that i had was today, this was a serious pinch my friends. I even got that “post ball trauma stomach ache” that was the worst part. I dont foresee unicycling effecting a persons child making ability unless you have numerous serious episodes. If you have serious worries ask your doctor.

Don’t ask your Doctor, they don’t know Jack. If they do know Jack, they will have the t-shirt to prove it.:smiley:

Nothing serious. Once I landed or mounted wrong or something, I forget. Didn’t feel like riding the rest of the day. :frowning:

just a few squeezes when losing balance in the earlier learning stages. Some of them hurt a lot. Never had a serious impact.

I’ve kinda done it when attempting a rolling hop down some stairs. One foot came off the pedal, so a lot of my weight landed on the seat which is bad.
I have it on video, too! :smiley: I think I’ll upload it to the gallery.

EDIT Okay, it should be here any minute under the name SuperBiff:
Make sure your speakers are on!!

I once had pain after trying to jump onto a 14" high mat when I really could only do 8". I got my tire up, but the tire went forward. That hurt. If it does happen to you, immediately massage your kidneys, as that’s what’s gonna hurt later. I also had a slight injury when riding a steep hill, landing it, and dismounting into a trail log. Most of the time It’ll happen from carelessness, and my KH saddle. That’s unforgiving to the careless people out there:( .

I’ve done this while attempting a suicide mount (hence the name, I guess). The uni started falling backwards so I landed on the front of the seat at just the right angle so the uni didn’t fly out from under me.

That one left my miyata seat bent into a rather unusual shape, and me singing soprano for a while afterwards.


Oh yes, doing a stand up jump on the frame off a bench and my feet fell of the frame and, yup you guessed it feet right between the seat and not touching the pedals :wink: great video moment though hehe


Same problem for cyclists, sitting on a seat reduces the blood flow which affects the quality of the output, hence your fertility. It also can affect the performance before hand. Ask serious cyclists.

I’ve junked myself about 4 times, my worst one was from jumpin on a trampoline, I was jumpin, my feet slipped and the uni stayed directly underneath me. the trampoline took in alot of it but wow it hurt. I other times are like tryin new mounts and I dont get my “friends” in the right possision. those are not fun

Yes it reduces the bloodflow for a bicyclist but for unicycling, unless your distance man which is possible, then you stand up aa good portion of your riding time. I meant a few serious blows every once in awhile isnt going to effect you terribly.

SuperBiff is hillarious!?!!!

I laughed so hard! I straight up cackle and I have watched it a dozen times. I don’t mean to heartless (although I have no balls), but thankyou for sharing. SuperBiff made my night.


James_Potter said:
Okay, it should be here any minute under the name SuperBiff:
Make sure your speakers are on!!

check this crash out of my buddy pinner

p.s. shes a he lol

Dude, That is awesome. :thinking:

sorry i lost the clip and accidently posted. Anyways he bags himself good

i myslef have never nutted myself while riding a uni, but when first getting the hang of it, i had genital discomfort, but it was all a matter of position. My friends have nutted themselves plenty, including one who took a 5’8 drop with a hardcore nutter but it wasnt that bad cuz it slipped out behind him, but still…

I find the times I rack myself the worst are when I’m trying a new mount. The kickup mount still gets me occasionally. That’s probably why I don’t try it more often…