Dropping things doing unispins

Hey guys! i already can do 180’s and 360’s unispin. statics and rolling

but i cant drop anything with unispins…
i cant either hop into things doing it.

any tips ?

yea i had the same problem. i just had to try it like ummm 2000 times. then its pretty simple.

find a ledge about 6" -1’ high ,hop sif at he edge facing forwards. Hop forwards at a good height and unispin, don’t try to land on the pedals. Do this a couple times then try a unispin and try to get your your feet on the pedals before you land.

I just leared how to unispin off stuff I found that it helps to do it on a piece off plywood or something flat. And just unispin off it and then start droping stuff. and when you start the uni will probaley land before you do so just try too keep yor feet right above the pedals when yor spining. And land on the pedals so you can roll out a little. hope this helps

i think my problem is on the time of the hop

i cant see how go to a place doing the unispin
how to control the direction of it

yesterday i learned unipin seat in to out rolling
i think it will help for drop for drops

try uni-spinning off of small curbs. it helped me a ton at getting uni-spin drops. after you’re able to go off curbs, going off drops will be very easy.

That’s it, you have to learn how to unispin in the direction you want. I found easier to start trying on the side. I had some pedal-positioning issues on the landings of unispins forward or backward.
Otherwise, try not to use you pedals to help you moving like in a regular hop. You will improve difficulties to hop far, but hopefully it will be enough to pass the edge of the thing you are dropping.

After hopping, drive the uni with your hand to the place you want to land on at the same time you are spinning. Starting the spinning late might help to prevent your wheel from flipping.

Try to catch it early (touching the pedals before the wheel touches the ground).


thanks manuel!

i will try your tips!