dropping the right way

Ive been doing some trials unicycling for a couple of months now and my drops are growing to four/five feet. Id really like to know if there`s a right way of doing high drops so the uni can suffer less as possibble. also, does anyone know how high the qu-ax splined can drop from?

I have taken six feet drops with mine, just roll out nicely. That’s all I know about dropping.

Take it easy, don’t drop only to get a higher “personal best”, it’s only stupid and will hurt you as well as your unicycle…

To spare your uni, drop seat out, land with bent legs and take the fall softly, roll out if possible, land with a little more force on the front pedal, and you will roll a bit…

This is pretty much the bulk of what I use for trials riding. Good advice!

Dropping seat out has a lot of advantages. Not the least being that it saves some of your softer tissue from harm too :wink: It also allows a lot of ‘flow’ in your trials lines, doing everything seat out. The Qu-ax can take lots of abuse, I’ve still managed to make the rim all oval due to abuse. Got a nice 48 spoke Alexrim now though. (Many thanks again to municycle.com).


I completly agree with the “don’t drop just for the drop” bit, the drop for me has to be a functional part of a trials line, or an ending to a trials line.

I disagree, dropping seat in is easier on you and your unicycle.

You do not land on your saddle, that would hurt, when seat in, you can’t bend your legs as much.
That means the force will be applied over shorter period of time, meaning more tourqe the hub and cranksarms need to handle.

Seat out is definitally easier on you, you can bend your legs really low, instead of having to bend over your upper body. (Especially for me, I have a history of back problems). I’d also say it’s easier on your unicycle, but I can’t verify this ofcourse. My instincts say you can spread the impact out MUCH more.

The Obie One obviously said it for a reason. He doesnt seem like the chap that would not say it for a reason. But why he is keepin us waiting i will never no (unless he tells me)


I know i´m not the greatest dropper who can drop like 4 metres, but I havn´t broken a single pedal, crank,rim or hub yet.

I do my drops like this:

I´m standing seat out on the edge of the obstacle that I want to drop from.
I crouch down as much as possible, roll my wheel out from the obstacle, and when in mid-air I extend my body to the fullest. At the exact moment when my wheel touches the ground, I start to crouch down again. If this is done smooth and properly you apply very little stress on your equipment.

Sorry for my sucky english. I hope it´s understandable.


One time I was trying to do a drop off a platform, it was at least 5 1/2 feet high, I’m thinkin 6, I suck at guessing distances. The landing was completly flat, and a very hard packed dirt road. I tried it seat in, and only banged my nuts. I’d read somewere that seat out dropping helps on bigger drops, so I tried that. I did waht Fexnix explains above, and as soon as I hit the ground the uni stopped, but my body kept going. My hand couldn’t grip the seat hard enough and it just slipped as I got driven straight into the ground. Tried it 3 more times, same thing happened with me ending up on my stomach on top of the uni.

I evuantually landed it couple times both seat in and seat out. For me, higher drops are easier to roll out of seat in, esp. if I jump out farther away from the obstacle. But I like to use seat-out for smaller drops, to feather my unicycle better.

(this is on a qu-axtrials)

Dont drop to flat. :o

I never do drops over a few feet unless its got a nice rollout/its part of a really sick line/ i have alot of speed going into the drop so i can roll out nice and smooth. Usually, if its the part-of-a-really-sick-line option, and its just a static drop to flat, Ill do it seat out a la Erant and Fexnix.

seat in is much easier on your unicycle, so I would definitely choose it above seat out.
seat out dropping can be easier on you, but if you have good form for big drops, you shouldn’t feel much of a difference at all.

seat out dropping is also much harder on your knees, and unless you do it fairly well, will cause you to fall over even if you land the drop. seat in is what i use for anything over ~3 feet, i can roll out better/roll in better. watch yoggi drop. it’s smooth, huge, and seat in. bend and the waist.

Unfortunately www.unicycle.2ya.com is still in the process of being transferred over, but here is a video tutorial I made summarising a technique for seat in dropping to flat that has served me well:

Dropping to Flat (high-res)
Dropping to Flat (low-res)

Here are three image analyses of the technique:
(click on the the image and it will take you to a full size one, hopefully…)

…now that’s some fancy posting! :wink:

Good luck,

I still say it kills the slickness of a trials line. Ryan Atkins’ lines in his latest movie wouldn’t have been half as smooth if he stood hopping on top of that green thingy (Bench to green thingy) trying to get his seat in, then drop. And I still say that dropping seat out (If done properly, including rolling out(!)) will put less stress on your uni. Because it has both rolling out, and dispersing of impact over longer time. In the end, it’s all down to preference (it usually comes down to that). I like my soft tissue right where it is, and combine that with my back problems and REALLY high seat, I’m going with seat out. And even if it does harm my unicycle more then seat in, I rarely do drops anyway, and my lines don’t include 5 feet drops.