Dropping into a skatepark bowl thingy

Hey, since my new trials uni will be ready tommorow i wanna get good on it (duhh).

now, theres a skate park thigy (pretty lame, its like one bowl thingy), and i wanna be able to drop into the bowl from the top.

does anybody have any tips on how to do this, or how to practice to be able to do it? cause i think it’d be pretty hard landing on such a steep angle.

thanks for your help.

this is a pic of what the thing looks like. its not actually this one but so ya know what i’m talking about

well im not a street rider but ive ridden at a lot of skate parks. i usually sort do small hops at the top and get closer and closer to the edge, then when im ready i jump and aim for about 3/7 down the QP. then its just a fast pedal out of it and thats it, its not that hard a landing. Its pretty much a drop with a good roll out.

EDIT: also depending on how steep the QP is, depends on where you land on it, though at the Gap skate park you would want to land about 3/7ths down that considering its pretty steep.

Dont worry about rolling out of it unless you gap all the way to the flat part. Aim to land id say more like halfway down and the sloped surface will force to roll out. O eayh, when you are at the edge, dont toa side hop, do it facing forwards.

Practice! I have never actually found information on here that has helped me more than heaps of practice. Not that i am that good because at the moment i have not the time to practice because i am supposed to be passing grade 12. develop your own way. ride up and drop down.

wow that was rather useless… i have dropped a few quarter pipes before and really all i did was ride towards it, come almost to a stop at the lip, lean forward and hop. then just aim to keep the motion going as i land by pedaling. dont as such try to pedal, hold your feet on the pedels and feel the speed as you land. Following through with the motion and roll out. most of all relax, i can never do anything if i am worrying about it or tense.

i reckon i’ll get to the skate park, drop in and go SMACK

lay on the ground for a while in pain while boarders laugh at me.


so just drop forwards over it eh

Pebbles and I were excited when the new skatepark near us opened, but were instantly scared of the bowl/halfpipes.

We spent ages hopping at the top of them only to eventually decide not to risk it.(chickening out!)

One day one of us did it and survived so the other did too.

It’s a total “what was I so scared of, that was easy!” as soon as you land.

Admittedly, it is a bit fearsome bouncing at the top of them, but you just jump in and pedal and you make it.

Just try it, do it with a helmet on first time if you’re really worried. I was always scared of slipping down it and smacking the back of my head off the lip, but it never happens! (perhaps it would in the rain?)

Hope this helps.


I found the easiest way to get used to the transition was to treat it like a set of stairs, try and clear the transition and land in the flat, then slowly kill your speed so you land more and more on the curved section each time you do it. But this can get taxing as they tend to be a pretty big drop, so if you can’t do the drop/don’t want to, then just put one a helmet (a skate style one as a bike helmet will provide no protection in this situation), and try it out.

When you land try and land with alot of weight on your back crank aswell, don’t lock it but keep it firm to slow you down.

Hopefully that helps.


…here are some pics of me droping in qp…

it’s not that hard, just no fear, lean a little bit forward and pedal when you land…

Its not a hard landing at all, because of the slope of the landing, right as you hit you instantly pedal, and its very easy. Don’t tense up on the landing though, cause that could throw you off.

Just get up the courage and jump in. =p

I used to be scared at a 1-foot drop in front of my house, and it’s next to a rail and I held on while doing, pointless, though. One day I let go and pedal a bit to keep my balance, it happened so fast I’m not sure if I actually hopped or anything, but next thing I know, I’m on the grass, I landed the drop, I didn’t put my weight on the pedals (I didn’t expect it) but I landed it! I haven’t tried again since, but I guess it’s all guts and not looking down. :thinking:

or u could do a 360 handplant tailgrab down it on rolerblades

I never understood how rollerbladers did that kind of stuff without having their legs with 5 pound weights on them take them in a completely different direction and break their knees.

Here’s PeteVB hopping into a really big bowl, the key to landing this move is to hop in and not fall off. :slight_smile:

That’s such a cool video! I love it!

I found I was able to drop into a pipe about that size (your size, not Pete’s) by rolling off the edge, keeping my weight back, locking the wheel briefly during the drop, skidding for a moment, and then rolling out of it. As others have said, it’s really not that painful to do, just scary being up at the top.

Dropping into skatebowls isn’t something you talk about on the internet, you just go out and do it.

Ha but you just talked about it when you shoulda been just doing it! Na but fexnix is right, there isn’t much to discuss for technique. Best to just treat it like a bungy jump, hop in and worry about the rest later.

just do it?