Dropping in to say hello! Getting ACL reconstructive surgery soon.

Hello everyone! I haven’t spoken with many of you for quite some time.

4 years ago I tore my ACL and injured my miniscus. At the time I knew something was very wrong (couldn’t walk for a week) but since my knee was swollen up to the size of a watermelon, the doctor I saw told me he thought it was just a severe strain.

After a while I was able to walk again, and eventually I built up muscles around my knee to compensate for it. Occasionally having minor one-day re-injuries (mostly due to trying to do tricks on my 20")

This injury happened before I even learned to ride a unicycle, so I when I recently found out my ACL is torn, I had hoped I could just keep riding like I had been without a problem. But recently I re-injured it while I was just standing in place.

So… I’ve decided to have reconstructive surgery, and I will do my best to rehabilitate my knee as quickly as possible, but at this point I don’t know when I will be riding again yet.

I’m glad to see the so cal uni basketball group has done so well! I had originally hoped to join up and meet lots of you guys, but life and my knee has gotten in the way.

Hope everyone is doing well, and as always…

Have a good one,

happy to see you post here! hows that custom KH29 going?

Sorry to hear that Dane. Does that mean you won’t be entertaining us here? In any case I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you can get back on your wheel before too long. :frowning:

Hi Dane

Good Luck with the ACL op, wishing you a speed recovery also.


Yea…good luck Dane.

Thanks guys!

Best of luck- I had wondered where you’d got to!

Dane, we’re waiting to have you back here on one wheel :slight_smile: