Droping in??

Is there anyone out there who can drop into a half pipe?? (you know thoes things that skaters and snowboarders use) They are alot of fun on a snowboard and I have yet to try it on my uni

Has anyone ever tried it? and if so how did you do??

I have done it on a mini halfpipe (3’) I just did it like i was on a really steep dirt hill. Just lean back. It wasnt too hard on the mini one, because there is so little vert. A larger one, however, will have much more vert, and you would not be able to do it without being able to coast really well.
-Daivd Kaplan

I’ve also gone off the three footers with my muni. I just treat it like a drop and land on the last few inches of the rampso it kicks my wheel turning. Joe

look what i found!

I sense photoshop auuuuuummm

Looks counterfit to meh…hmmm, heheh.
Neato tho

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It can be done… I’ve dropped on half and quarter pipes up to at least 6ft. Last summer I was performing at a music festival in Memphis and the guys from the Manna Skateboard team were kind enough to let me share their ramp. We had some fun times

Methods for dropping in… (riding up and getting vert, that’s another story)
*Wear armor.
*Hop up to edge, stop, let your body and uni go from vertical to as much horizontal as you can as the wheel follows you over the edge, then pedal like crazy (especially on a 20inch whl.)
*Jump/Hop over the edge and land at the top of the curve.
*Jump off the edge with a 180/270/360/etc in the air… I haven’t landed a 360 yet, but I’m sure Dan Heaton could.


I can’t quite make out the sign on the halfpipe… does it really say “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” or not?



im not sure i think it says “Someone Set Up Us The Bomb”

Nobody will let me in the local skate parks, which have the only accesible half pipes. I’m still trying to convince the people that work at them to let me in and see some cool stuff, heheh.

I know the uni.5 crate somehow ended up with “All your base are belongs to us.” on it for some reason. :wink:

Its not that hard to do, actually. The transition landing is so smooth you hardly notice the drop. I think the biggest one I’ve done was 6’. The real problem is getting up the other side.


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Extremely impressive, considering that the unicycle has only one pedal.

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Yes, it looks as if the left pedal was inadvertently “editted” out. I wonder where the skateboard used to be.

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> Nobody will let me in the local skate parks, which have the only
> accesible half pipes. I’m still trying to convince the
> people that work at them to let me in and see some cool stuff,
> heheh.

It’s a bummer that most skate parks are off-limits to unicycles. The problem
of course is not to convince the lowly employees guarding the gate. If they
let you in and management finds out they could lose their jobs.

This is because the rules are set by insurance companies. The insurance on a
skate park must be pretty expensive, and they don’t want to take any chances
with people getting hurt on non-approved vehicles.

How many people out there have legal access to skate parks?

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well that pict is fake for sure, the foot is in teh wrong direction in the shadow i think, and it has no pedal going throught the tire in teh shadow. Anyways for droping into a pipe, i havnt tried it, our half pipes are i think 8’ and 10’ pipes made of concrete. there about 10 to 15 feet wide, their very scary things to try to drop into ive been thinkin of it but its very hard handing on my elbows if i fall, and head, itl hert too. but with the skate park, maybe in the states were you can get sued for anything, theyre more scared bout gettin sued by somone who gets hurt, but here in the town i lve in in Canada, anyone can use the park, thers no gate on it at all. you can access it from every single possible angle on teh ground. only thing in your way is some large rocks., that are fun to hop on. all i gota say for now

Maybe the person in the picture had Lascos and broke on of them at the park?
I’m fortunate to have legal access to the skatepark near me, down here in sunny Florida.

anyone can use the skatepark here in Salem unfortunatly.what i mean is the skaterz including myself worked for 10 years to get it started and finaly get the thing built.then what happens?well BMX bikes weigh alot more than skateboards and take up more room.they just took over in-mass and skating there sucks because of it.

there are now skateboard only parks in my state because of this,but not in Salem.the flocks of BMXers in this state are a bunch of lazy ass freeloading dope smokers who dont deserve what skaterz and the parents of skaterz worked so hard to build :angry:

the guy is even out of proportion, you can see he loks small compared to the half pipe.
nice try with the pic Jagur

This is as close as a skatepark I can get. Its a ampatheater at a park, it has lots of steps and ledges, ect.

picture 1112.jpg

Theres a great skating spot similar to that in pittsburgh in front of Heinz field it’s great for the UNI, there are some nice drops and other obsticals to jump arround on.

As far as skate parks not letting you in with a uni that totally blows… most skaters I know think the uni is rad and want to try it. If anyone I would think would allow you to bring a uni in it’s a skate park. Does your local skate park let in BMX’ers?? if so I would be wicked pissed…Maybe talk to the management out, and make sure you bring some pads in with you… most skate parks require them now…

Good luck with the whole thing and I hope to see some real photos of people in the pipe soon


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Wow! I bet that hurt. He should know better than trying a one-footed jump
off the rail.

Good photo editing work! Except for the pedal, as someone mentioned. I don’t
think that guy is a skateboarder. Look at him, he’s wearing wristguards and
a helmet. How often do you see those on a skateboarder? Okay, so maybe he’s
in a skate park (where they’re required). He also appears to be wearing a
hydration pack.

Not only that, he also appears to be wearing Jack Hughes’ helmet, not to
mention socks that only Jack would wear… :slight_smile:

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