drop wrecks

Haha, its a secret though on here. Dont let them know whos lips they are. She wouldnt be very happy.

Well, just because you can catch something doesn’t mean you can catch it well :stuck_out_tongue:

In order to land this you would either have to try over and over, or be an extremely good catcher so that crankflips would be almost as easy to land as normal hops. One who is a perfect catcher would be able to just crankflip in the same spot over and over again (Shaun called it bunnyflips) with no hops in between until he gets tired. Nobody has reached that level, and it is not necessary to get to that level to do this drop.

I’m not sure if you see what I’m getting at but it doesn’t matter. Good luck transitioning from 2 to 7 feet :wink: I have faith in you Jerry!

I know what youre getting at. I wish I was at that level, but not yet. Haha, you should see my seat right now. It points downwards.

But I have that feeling, like, whe you try something pretty big and new and at first your hesitant, but afterwards you just kinda know “Ok, I stick to this, and I know its going to happen. I can feel it.”

Thats how it is for this, and it hasnt let me down so far. =p

If all else fails, ride really fast, close yours eyes, and hope to land an octflip. :sunglasses: