drop wrecks

Hey… so here’s some clips from the other day. I was trying to stick a 3spin off a larger (7 footish) drop but couldn’t get it all together, so here are some cute wrecks.
(there are some swear words in the vid)


Holy crap! I would be happy to just land it regular! And you were doing it to flat as well…wow! Respect! :sunglasses:

Just wait for my crankflip attempts off it. :wink:


not anymore.:stuck_out_tongue:

holy shit :astonished:

Crazy, have you landet it without a unispin before or something little bit smaller with spin?

Jack-Assy! Man that was a good bid…

ah… good times… :roll_eyes:

Yeah, both me and Jackie have done this drop quite a bit.

Ive also seen Jackie do rop smaller than this with the unispins in them.

Jackie! You were so close! Lets put on my Konas so your foot doesnt slip off. lol

Not talking about Jacksh*ts are you? Nutter…

Got Balls? Respect, I could never do that. Is that the highest attempt anyone has ever tried?

That would take so much guts!!!

This is pretty sweet too. Come on Jackie! You can do it! (just don’t hurt yourself too badly ;))

I want to see this landed within the next week.

And at least a decent attempt of a crankflip Jerrick :wink:

Haha, thanks guys.

It’ll be a while before I go back there because I’m not in Spokane a whole lot… I also took a decent-ish sized chunk of flesh out of the side of my foot in one of those bails so I want to let that heal.

But I’m still going for that drop and I want to stick it before the month’s out.
@Danni, as far as I know, this is the highest attempt.

I thinks…

Ive gotten them a lot better since portland. =p

Doubles are still at 1.5 though, but I dont practice street all too much.

EDIT: I think it is the highest too. I havent seen anyone do them higher, same with crankflips. We could be record holders Jackie. =p

You wont be disapointed.

I sure as hell hope I won’t :wink:

Now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever even dropped from that high.

You better be damn good at catching, Jerrick. What’s your biggest crankflip drop so far?

2 feet haha.

Its going to be gutsy but catching the flip from that height shouldnt be the ahrd part, just landing it solidly so I dont slip will be the toughest part, and just getting the nerve to do it.

But I have done that drop rolling and staticly before, so it should all come together good with a good day of riding.

OH, I SEE!!!

You were using me as a guinea pig for your drop!

I’m glad you decided to use that pic for your avatar finally. I like it…

:smiley: you crazy and I <3 it