Drop to crankgrab

I was walking in the hallways today when instantly I had the idea that when i get home i should try a drop to crank grab. I tried it when i got home and it was fun. A challenge but fun. Then it hit me how many cool combos and variations you could come up with linking this trick to others. Example: Jump up to a bench, drop to crankgrab, frame drop while still stalling on the bench, then 180 off the bench. I actually did that a few times. Has anyone ever invented the drop to crank grab? Cause if they haven’t then that means i invented it. It’s mine.

that is very cool but if you look at i think its devils run on shaun johansons gallery he does it…


i also do these in a short video check my sig line for the link

Same I practised a bunch of flowy moves from there last weekend at the skate-park…so far, the flowiest one was 180—> crank-plant------> 270 out opposite direction…

another thing I was workign on was crank-plant to hand-stand.