Drop & Stop!

Hi All.

Youtube recently had a thing called “Life in a day”, on 7/24/10, and so with only 45 minutes of daylight left, I decided to shoot a little something on my backyard trials set up. I dusted off my kh 24 MUni, and thought I might try jumping the big stair set.

I soon realized two things; there’s a tree directly in my path, so my landing would have to be precise and I would have to STOP my roll out in less than a full rev to keep from smashing into it! (I was too lazy to move the whole thing) Second, I did this before, first on my kh trials, then my 29er.

BOTH those unis are much lighter than my MUni, which is heavy as a tank compared to them, so I needed to muster all my strength in order to clear the stairs! The back pressure to stop was also tricky for me!

(Morty in in rare for at the end!:D)

Morty back on the catnip again?

Hello Terry, You are a very brave man… showing Morty in the video, since pets always steal the show. :wink:

Great drop there! :sunglasses:

No, but I am! :stuck_out_tongue: (I have a note from my Doctor, so I get the good stuff, hehe! :sunglasses: )

That’s why I put him at the end…I can’t follow that! But someone thinks I should try jumping off the wall just behind the stairs! I don’t think so! :smiley:

Ah. You gotta love those notes from your Dr.