Drop out of digger

really fun but scary! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! brilliant, looked fun! :slight_smile:

yea! awesome…i’d prob be way too scared to do that even into that big soft pile…that’s a big drop!

AWSOME! Thats a massive drop :astonished:

yo nice ass drop get an impact uni


What was the music in the first part of the video?

it hasnt arrived yet

Amazing… bit scary tough :stuck_out_tongue:

That is super dangerous…in my line of work that would defiantly get you kicked off the job site if not out of the field all together. Amazing high drops hate to be a buzz kill but I’d hate you see you guys get hurt (or dyeing). I couldn’t imagine not being able to walk.

Think its Islands ( nosaj thing remix)

but he is riding for impact i mean dont tell me he cant get one. its just so many vids without it. IMO its not a good thing and im not sayin its mikes fault.

Aidan I think it’s something to do with mike getting sponsored around the time yoggi was in a motorbike accident. :slight_smile: