Drop it! Unicycling is for clones...


Here is my second video. Hope you enjoy!

Teddy :smiley:

That was so AWESOME! The riding was great but the clone thing in addition to the music made it even better!

Nice video! Good job on the cloning!

Great riding and vid…

Nice one

That is sooo awesome … nice to see more Scottish footage :slight_smile:

i like it :slight_smile:

can´t see it :frowning:

Great film work (& riding) I’d have problems just trying to figure out how to turn on the camera.

Thanks for all the positive comments!
My clones and I had a great time riding together. I wish they’d helped me a bit more in the editing! :wink:

PS: not sure how to make it work in Germany. Vimeo?


I loved it so much I added it to my FB page :sunglasses:

hi teddy, very nice vid!

when are you coming over again?

Very nice job on the cloning! Most of the borders were practically unnoticeable unless you looked really hard!

Thanks again, glad you guys are enjoying it!

@Turtle: would love to visit next year. From what I can remember there is no Elsbet in 2012, but is there going to be a Grisha challenge?

@AustinLee: Yes, I was not entirely happy with the borders as they are still visible, but there was a point when there was very little gain for tedious brightness adjustments - and I got lazy…!


@ Alan - that’s nice, thanks! I need to figure out how to do that on my own FB account… :o
By the way, sorry we could not get to ride together this summer, the week-ends went so fast I just realised now “summer” is over…

Nae probs

I am available through the week quite often now if that helps :slight_smile: … going to the states for a month over Xmas / new year to do some riding there too :slight_smile: