Driving to Moab

I’m going to be driving down to Moab for the Moab MUni Fest. Flying is too much of a hastle since it’s still a 5 hour drive from the airport to Moab. Might as well just drive the whole way and avoid the stress of flying.

Anyone else in the Washington state or even BC Canada area looking for a ride down to Moab?

I’m planning on taking two days to get to Salt Lake City and then caravaning with the group the next day down to Moab. Same procedure in reverse to get back home. I’ve got room for up to two other people in the car.

Contact me at my hotmail address (in my sig) if you’re interested.

The “rental van group” is now up to 10:

Nick Brazzi
John Foss
Nathan, Megumi, Beau
Carl Hoyer
Scot Cooper
Keith Frankie
Tom Holub
Kris Holm

Nathan and I have each rented a minivan. People are arriving Thursday night, and Friday morning between 9:00 and noon. I guess our vans will leave as they fill up. Your offer of joining us is most welcome, as we might start getting crowded with our luggage!

For others interested in joining this group, another vehicle rental may be needed. It works out pretty cheap if you have several people.

Dan Heaton contacted me last week about driving down with Dylan Wallinger and/or others, and also possibly joining us. But I haven’t heard back from him this week. Try contacting them directly.

Anyone else joining the caravan from the Salt Lake City airport to Moab?

I was actually thinking of the caravan from the Thompson estate down to Moab. :slight_smile: I don’t know about the airport caravan.

maybe me…
my parents decided to go to a wedding in Washington instead… waaaa!!
I’ll get back to you
-Jonathan Ware-