Driving to Moab? How many miles for you?

If I go, I’ll have to drive about 770 miles! (from LA county, CA) Not that big a deal, but I would probably leave on the 22nd, and drive it over 2 days with a hotel in between to sleep a few hours before finishing the drive. For me, flying is not even an option. Noway, no how! Too much trouble.Besides, I HATE to fly. :angry:

For me it is:
Total Est. Time: 10 hours, 48 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 725.92 miles

Muhaha, I get to miss 3 days of school:)

Are you all driving straight through, or stopping half way to rest/sleep? 11 hours is a mightly LONG time to be driving non-stop. Or maybe you Mom & Dad will split the drive time; one sleeps while the other drives, then switch?

I think we are planning to just drive straight there, my mom will probably do all of it. I think we are either leaving wednesday afternoon (after school) or thursday morning then we will be there in time for the stuff friday morning. Then we will leave monday probably and then get home that night and I will be off to school again in the morning.

Coming from MN

Total Est. Time: 18 hours, 59 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 1290.39 miles

There’s like 10 of us driving down from MN. Since we have lots of drivers we will probably drive straight thru and arrive Thursday afternoon. Gonna be a long car ride but well worth it! See ya there…

If I go, I want to leave on the 22nd (Wed.) so I’ll be well rested and recharged for Friday morning. I just think, for me, it would be easier and safer to break the drive up between 2 days, with plenty of time to relax before the festivities begin.

Yeah, I’m not driving so I will be well rested by the time I get there. If I can time it right then I might sleep all the way there;) I will probably be doing all the school work I am missing on the way so by the time I get there I will want to ride really badly.

Dang, and I thought 770 miles was a long way to go! (It is actually). But now I don’t feel do bad about it.:slight_smile:

Lots. Lots of miles.

same here, i think…
lloyd may be just wanting to drivew strait there with no sleep stops…
luckily i have my permit… i can take a turn at the wheel if needed.

uhh, I know it’s a very long painful 7 hours of driving (this is where the PSP comes in). I’m too lazy to figure out distance.

wow, it’s been like months since i’ve been on here. And I have no idea why.

Anyway, see you guys in moab!

zero, cus im not goin

I think last year it took us 12 hours. Not sure what it is this year…

Hey, we leave wednsday night, get in Moab thursday afternoon, we go on a short mess around ride then, anyone else arriving thursday afternoon want to ride with us somewere?

I will ride with you if I get there that early, I don’t think I have definate plans for arrival yet.

I’m driving to Moab. Mapquest estimates 1131.29 miles for me including a 5.5 mile ferry trip.

The trip back is going to be longer because I want to take a side trip to Oregon just for kicks and a little bit of riding around.

if i were going it’d be 17 hours of fairly quick driving with almost no stops. that’s what it was when i went over thanksgiving. not too horrible, but not great either.

(4 hours, 20 minutes, 190 miles)

I still haven’t gotten around to finding a ride yet, but I’m sure I can round something up. That’s one of the only benefits to living in Utah.

12 hours, 750 miles.

k well i live in vancouver so I have a pretty far distance to go maybe when getting into moab we will see other riders on the road and we can yell at each other

Where did you get those number? Yahoo maps says
From St. Paul: Distance: 1339 miles Time: 19:41 hours.

So, if we get there on your schedule, I’ll just have to wait in the car for an additional 42 minutes. :frowning:

Then again, it also says:
From Hutchinson: Distance 1263 miles Time: 20:25 hours.

So if I have to wait in the car, the Hutch club still has 44 minutes after I get out!