Driving from Seattle to Moab

I’m really psyched to go to Moab for the first time this year. I have one small problem, I haven’t yet figured out how I am going to get there. Is anyone in the Seattle area (or Vancouver and Portland for that matter) planning on driving out to Moab?

To sweeten up the deal here’s what letting me have a spot in your vehicle has to offer:
-I know how to drive a stick
-You can get all of your Standard Skill questions answered
-I have a ton of CDs worth listening to
-I will split gas money with you

–Irene Genelin

Plus, she’s fun, funny, interesting to converse with, and has interests other than unicycling. And she’ll share the driving if not do all of it. The girl likes to drive.


Yeah, Irene’s awesome. So cool in fact I think we should switch this thread over to the auctions and see who will pay the most to have Irene drive them in their car from Seattle to Moab.

women have excellent luck hitchhiking. you could probobly get there in just one or two rides.

there always the Greyhound.

. . . and she’s hot . . .

/there. I said it.

Thanks for talking me up guys. :slight_smile: Hopefully someone will have some space to squeeze me into their vehicle. I can always take the amtrak or greyhound too…

I think I’ll pass on the hitchhiking idea. Who knows what crazies will pick up a tall blonde haired unicyclist riding on the side of the road…

/geez. She doesn’t realize that she’s describing most of us?
/I’d pick up the tall blond on the unicycle. :slight_smile:

I think I am going to book a flight to Salt Lake City in the next few days if there isn’t anyone driving from the Seattle Area to Moab.
Post soon if you know you are driving down, or know of someone who is.


Re: Driving from Seattle to Moab

You will have better luck if you say:

Single white female in search of single (or married–I don’t care!) male to share week with to include…driving to Moab, spend three days, and drive back.

You will find a ride with that… :slight_smile:

Re: Re: Driving from Seattle to Moab

Only problem with all that Ed, is that everyone already knows the unstated part of that advertisement:

"What “spend three days” really means is “I will KICK YOUR ASS around the Slickrock Trail for three days…”

And she will. Seattle Area Riders know this. :sunglasses:

I am planning to go to Moab.
I also need a way to get from Salt Lake to Moab and back.
Do you want to share a car rental for the weekend?
I’ve been to two NAUCCs and I do believe my roomates at both events would agree I’m not a crazy person.

Give me a call. (404-944-4513 cell)

-Reid Jacobson
Atlanta, GA

I found a way to Moab!

I found a way to Moab. I booked an airplane ticket this evening, so now I know that I will make it to Salt Lake City and back safely, save riding on the greyhound for the first time.


I’ll vouch for him, he’s not crazy. Of course, I am so who am I to judge.

Re: I found a way to Moab!

Just curious, but how are you getting from Salt Lake City to Moab. You do know its a 4+ hour drive don’t you?