Driveway Session

All filmed in under two hours.
Funny that I got the inward outsideroll off wheel… I haven’t outsiderolled in a few weeks.

Looking over my "late"double a few more times I would say it isn’t.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Vimeo still uploading:
Driveway Session on Vimeo

Nice video, You’re really good.

Looked like a latedouble to me:)

cool vid, you’re half-stripped frame looks good

Nice Job! You’re definitely passing me fast at street.

Passing? No. I still can’t 540, varialflip, handrails, or hickdouble, ect.
I am not taking any of this stuff down sets yet (snow).

Better view for late(?) double.

Id say it wasnt a late doubleflip cause sometimes when doing flips that might happen anyway.But then again it depends on whether you think its late if you flip after jumping no matter how short of a time it is before flipping

Id say dats a late double

It’s kinda late. Depends how it looked live I’d say. Nice job. Will you be going to NAUCC?

Well It is late, but not very late. And this never happens when I do not try to lateflip. I was going for a late double.

I think it looked a little different (from a normal double) live, but no one would know it was late if I didn’t say it was.

If I had somewhere to, I would take it off a drop to get it even more late.

I might be going to NAUCC… Good chance that I am, but not 100 percent sure.

Nice tricks! Wish I could do half of them.

well the snow isnt stopping you from riding.