drilling out wheel

why do people drill out there wheel

To lose weight.

wont the rim crack tho

It shouldn’t do, the holes are round, no corners for stresses to crack from.

It will weaken the rim though. (by how much I don’t know, iv’e never drilled a rim.)

You can drop even more weight if you drill the tire and tube as well. Then replace the seatpost with a beverage straw and you’ll have a really light uni.

I say stronger is better. What’s a few ounces to a 200lb rider like me. I’d rather skip dessert and keep more metal on my rim, but to each thier own.

im heavy to


which is why it makes me sick that the 48 spoke nimbus wheelset has been gotten rid of.

Drilled holes are nice because I dont do big drops, and I weigh 150 lbs. I dont have to worry much about rim durability, i havent hurt one yet in 2 years. But when I try to throw my unicycle for a unispin or something like that, weight does play a factor. I know I can spin a 10 pound uni a lot faster and stop it a lot easier than a 15 pound uni. I know you dont instantly drop the 5 pounds, but rim, pedals, cranks, frame, seat, tyre, spokes… It all can start to add up. There are limits of course, you can only go so weak before things start to break. But like I said, I dont do big drops or anything like that so its not a big issue for me. I could definitly understand how that could be a problem for some of you that do trials and that kind of idea.

Lose that extra .01 ounce of weight. :sunglasses:

I mean, when you’re dealing with trials bikes and stuff where you’re drilling parts of the frame and both rims, it makes complete sense because you save a lot of weight, doing it on a unicycle is kind of just stupid.

Even more pointless would be to butt your spokes. I know Rudy up in Duluth did this to a few spokes on his kh :stuck_out_tongue: all around funny, but i spose if you really need that extra imaginary weight, go for it. (for those of you who don’t know, butting spokes is when you sand them down circumference wise, makes them thinner and thus weaker)

Funny…it was the beverage straw that surprised me and cracked me up!

You can also replace the spokes with straws, saves about 0.05 ounce.
Make sure to pull them tight or you get wheel flex.:stuck_out_tongue:

Im recieving my first drilled wheel on tuesday, it’ll be interesting to see whether it feels any different! :slight_smile:

Actually, sanding down spokes isn’t butting them. Butted (aka swaged) spokes are made with a changing diameter when they are initially rolled. Almost all good spokes are double butted, meaning they are wider at the ends than the middle. It is easier to make a stronger wheel using double-butted spokes than using straight gauge spokes. But sanding down spokes is just silly. The spokes would look swaged, but would be much weaker than cheap straight gauge spokes.

Wheels take a lot of abuse, so I’d be much more comfortable with a good double wall rim and good quality butted spokes. I’ve seen bike rims break at the valve hole, so I wouldn’t be comfortable with any extra holes. For the drilled rims to be so popular, they must be heavy rims to start with, or be owned by people with parts budgets much larger than mine.

BUT: I’m new to unicycling. The bike wheels I’ve trued or built use much narrower rims than the unicycle wheels I’ve worked on. (Heh, I’ve been working on unis many times as long as I’ve been riding them.) Even drilled, the uni rims have as much metal left as the un-drilled bike rims.

i noticed the difference between my wheelset and emilys, ali. mine spins faster and feels lighter in turns imo

I’ll try yours tommorow ryan, possibly land a 3spin? :smiley:

Well, he butted the spokes by sanding them lol. Only about the inside 1/3 was sanded. thanks for the info though.

double butted spokes also allow you to use 14g nipples which are ALOT more common. and when you do 8 foot drops and bust nipples it helps alot. 14g nipples are also stronger in that they have a thicker wall becouse the spoke threads dont have to be so wide. ive been riding my koxx rim for 2 years and havnt had much trouble with it. as long as you keep up on tightening your spokes… so now im bumpin up to one of these… http://www.midwestbiketrials.com/store/images/all26r.JPG :smiley:

I have no problem with drilled rims, same thing as undrilled for me. I just don’t maintain them enough + low PSI tire = bends after 6-12 months and I have to change.

People like DSchmitt thinking drilled rims are really weaker are wrong. (Yes they are somewhat weaker, but not by much…). Bending & Breaking rims or any other part on your unicycle also has to do with your technique. If you don’t know how to amortise when you drop, your rim will bend for sure, your seat post, etc.

I used to break more parts 3 years ago when I wasn’t doing anything as crazy as I do now, my technique has gotten better and now it’s all good :slight_smile:

wow. just wow.

so less metal is just as strong?

you’re wrong.

you just contradicted yourself. “it’s not weaker, it’s just SOMEWHAT weaker” :roll_eyes: give me a break. you have 35 more places for cracks to start. and i don’t care if it’s round/oval/whatever, it’s still a place for a crack to start. rims are weaker near the valve hole and rim seam.

a rim that is exactly the same, apart from being drilled, is going to be weaker, period. yes , lighter, but also weaker.

yeah i’m wrong, yet you just contradicted yourself

oh no dudes, they’re not weaker, they’re just SOMEWHAT weaker.

a rim that is the same width and same material…the same apart from being drilled…the undrilled will be stronger. period.