drilling out a steel coker rim

I have an old 36 hole steel coker rim, and it is annoyingly heavy. has anyone drilled out this rim? does it save a considerable amount of weight? I’m thinking of pairing drilling the rim with getting a foss tube and the new 900-1000 gram tire when it comes out.

This is something you could calculate yourself.

The question you should be asking is: “is the (minimal) weight savings worth the (substantial) reduction in rim integrity?”

Take a poop before your next ride, you’ll save more weight.

Get the Foss tube or a 29er tube. The weight savings is very noticeable.

Skip drilling the rim. Steel rims are weak to start with, and Foss tubes don’t like pressure points.

I have found my answer to better performance! Is the weight savings rotating mass?

I would not drill a steel rim.