Drilling K1 reinforced cranks?

The question is in the title… I won a pair of 160mm K-1 reinforced cranks, and I think 160mm is too long. I was thinking about maybe have them drilled and make some double or triple hole cranks. It would be used for Muni, would someone recommend not to do it? I may also just want to trade them for shorter cranks in the 140mm range.

Nice cranks, sell em, it’d be a shame to crap up those cranks as they are the only 160mm ISIS Uni Cranks made :slight_smile:

I ride them on my KH 29er, nice combo of spin and power.

Sell them to someone who has an Oregon, I think they would be perfect for that. Not many options for low Q 160mm cranks out there.

I’ll probably make a post in the trading thread. I didn’t know they were the only 160mm cranks made for unicycles. I think it’s a better ideal to trade them anyway since I wont be using the 160mm hole at all. I ride 140mm or shorter on all my unis.


Hey Jaco, K1 makes the same crank in 140mm, maybe they’d trade or maybe someone has some 150’s they’d trade for. They are a very nice cranks, super strong, low Q, I like mine a lot.

I know Koxx-One has the same cranks in 140mm, I used to have a pair. I kind of hate K1 since I bent them… I already have a pair of 150mm KH cranks that I never use. I’ll try to trade them for something good. I may try the K1 in 140mm in someone want’s to trade.